In an article about the achievements of Quinta Brunson, the actress stands in a school hallway in an episode of her hit TV show 'Abbott Elementary.'
Quinta Brunson in 'Abbott Elementary'.

Quinta Brunson Is an Icon

This talented multi-hyphenate went from making Vines to winning Golden Globes.
February 11, 2023
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2023 Golden Globe winner Quinta Brunson is an icon. From her start on Instagram and Vine to the creation of her own show (now known as the Black Office), Brunson shows us that anything is possible. 

Brunson began her journey when she went viral for the first time in 2014 for her series “Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date,” where she posted videos of her funny reactions to the things that her dates would do, such as paying for a meal or snacks at the movies. Her popular slogan was “Oh, he got money.”

Brunson went on to work at Buzzfeed where she gained even more popularity as a content creator for the company. Contributing to and working on different videos and other forms of content, Brunson showcased her sense of humor and talent. 

Her parodic videos focused on parts of her identity. For example, one of the first videos that she did for the company was about “If Everyone Acted Like Reality TV Stars” while they were at work. In the video, her coworkers would do dramatic things like the actors on “The Real Housewives” but in an office setting. In one instance, commenting on how the housewives yell out of excitement, Brunson sends an email in all caps about a meeting being canceled. The video received over six million views, and many still enjoy it today. 

Brunson also did a series called “Quinta vs. Everything.” Though posted on Buzzfeed, Brunson originally produced it as its own series. The videos were about her facing off against different topics such as feminism, self-care or womanhood. In some of her videos, she would broadcast her identity by highlighting the different trials she experienced as a 20-something-year-old Black woman. 

During her time at Buzzfeed, Brunson starred in two web series, “Broke” and “Up for Adoption.” They were posted on YouTube Red and Verizon’s go90 platform. In 2017, she received a nomination at the Streamy awards for “Broke,” which was about three friends moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and trying to make it in the new city. 

After spending a lot of time at Buzzfeed from 2014–2017, Brunson then moved on to other avenues in media and TV. Having always enjoyed sitcoms, Brunson tried different things, such as co-starring in show startups in 2018. She also starred in the series iZombie and A Black Lady Sketch Show. “A Black Lady Sketch Show” features characters in different scenarios. One scenario features Brunson and her friend as a newlywed couple sitting in the exit row of an airplane. The sketch explores some of the different comedic situations that can occur when someone is sitting in that row. Brunson was also a voice actor in the animated series, “Lazor Wulf. 

With a varied portfolio, Brunson has continued to make moves. In 2020, Brunson starred in Syfy’s “Magical Girl Friendship Squad.” In 2021, she was featured in “Miracle Workers” and released her first book, “She Memes Well,” which is a collection of essays about her life and staying true to herself. Critics found the book to be entertaining and real. Brunson’s book was described as being able to “make you feel as if you’re sitting down with your chilliest, funniest friend.” 

Along with her book release came Brunson’s “Abbott Elementary,” which was picked up by ABC. The first episode came out in late 2021, and in the following year, Brunson won an Emmy. Brunson’s popularity with “Abbott,” and the overall traction that she’s gained, showcases her creative genius and sense of humor.

As someone who watched her as an adolescent, seeing how she went from a 20-something-year-old  making videos for entertainment to an award-winning actor and show producer is amazing. Brunson’s style of humor is relatable and timeless. Even her old videos still offer some type of comical relief in 2023. Brunson is a compelling personality, and it’s exciting to see what she’ll do next. There are so many different possibilities of where she could go with her career. Will she create another show similar to “Abbott Elementary,” or will she produce a completely different show, possibly something animated? With time, we’ll see what’s up and coming for the new star. 

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