Photo of someone using Twitter in the dark
Improve your Twitter presence. (Photo by Akshar Dave on Unsplash)

Best Sites To Buy Twitter Followers on the Market

Here are some possible solutions for an account that’s lagging.

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Photo of someone using Twitter in the dark
Improve your Twitter presence. (Photo by Akshar Dave on Unsplash)

Here are some possible solutions for an account that’s lagging.

The importance of social media has almost become non-negotiable for people and companies that are aiming to establish their presence out there. Among the multitude of platforms that have recently emerged as crucial promotional spaces, Twitter has managed to outshine them all with its classic reputation. With over 152 million daily active uses that are monetizable, Twitter has maintained its position among the topmost social networks in the world.

The reach and popularity of Twitter can not only make audiences grow wider, but influencers, businesses and others can also amass popularity. Twitter has the most diverse user base that gives it significant traffic funneling and lead generation capabilities.

5 Tips To Raise Your Profile On Twi...
5 Tips To Raise Your Profile On Twitter

Promoting your ideas, products and business on Twitter can give you incomparably wider and effective visibility that will boost your product or service to a great height in no time. Therefore, if you want to grow your brand or business and get your product or service noticed by your target audience, then you should definitely use Twitter.

You may think that driving growth on Twitter depends on the clever and optimized use of strategies involving hashtags, tweet frequency, likes and retweets. While all this is true, the soaring competition can lower your chances of getting the desired attention even after doing everything right.

Organic growth can prove to be a painfully slow process and even cause harm to your Twitter platform as others will keep growing faster. Have you thought about the reason behind Twitter accounts getting popular fast? Well, one reason that you must know about is the addition of followers inorganically to these Twitter accounts.

Yes, you are being asked to buy Twitter followers. This has emerged as one of the fastest and easiest ways to expand the reach of Twitter accounts. There are many benefits of doing so, like boosting the bandwagon strength of your account instantly, making the account more visible sooner, attracting real followers, facilitating automatic organic growth and much more.

There are a lot of reputable and trustworthy companies out there from which you can buy followers for Twitter and many other social media accounts. You may think that it is a fraud, but it is not.

The followers that these social media marketing companies add to social media accounts are all real and authentic. They deliver engagement and liveliness to the Twitter accounts, which are extremely important for the Twitter algorithms to notice and feature the account.

The reason why you are being asked to buy Twitter followers is that it is completely all right and safe to do so. Here is a list of the 10 best companies that can give the most effective and safest boost to your Twitter account. So, why not take the short route with great content toward a successful Twitter platform?

Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers


The best site to buy Twitter followers that has proven to give the best push to Twitter accounts is Twesocial. It takes the most comprehensive approach toward its aim of automating Twitter accounts. The company possesses full knowledge about the essential factors that can make any Twitter account successful and works with highly advanced integrated methods accordingly.

Twesocial has high regard for their customer relations and they will begin with guiding you thoroughly through the process of boosting Twitter growth. You can buy Twitter followers from this company that provides real and active Twitter users. Twesocial implements a targeted approach, while handpicking followers who can help the platform appear alive and make it more relevant.

The company will increase your follower count naturally and that will, in turn, boost the exposure of your account. The result will be the organic growth of your Twitter account, as more people will follow it once they see your content.

The price plans offered by this company are highly competitive. With the regular plan, you can pay $15 a week to get your account growing at a moderate speed, plus other targeted services. Next is the pro plan that comes at the cost of $25 a week and provides growth at a maximum speed, plus other advanced services.

There are many additional benefits that Twesocial provides. The free cancellation of services at any time is a great offer. You can also purchase customized plans as per your needs and change them anytime too. The site is fully HTTPS secured, so you can feel confident about the safety of your account.

You can start with a simple sign-up process and purchase a plan. After that, you can provide the necessary instructions to this company about the desired growth of your account. Twesocial will thereby devise the best strategy required and you will see the results appear soon. Furthermore, you will get assured assistance for every issue through the company’s 24/7 active customer support team.


Just like Twesocial, Tweeteev has also been on the market for a very long time and has been providing amazing services to Twitter users, including the option of buying Twitter followers. Its functions and approach are quite similar when it comes to dealing with its customers and Twitter accounts. Tweeteev is an expert at providing the best growth-oriented services for Twitter users aiming to expand their reach.

This company promises to add only real followers to your Twitter account and for that, they pick follower accounts carefully from their extensive pool of users. You can feel fully confident about the quality of the accounts that Tweeteev will add to your Twitter account.

At the same time, the company also ensures the safety of your account by delivering the numbers very naturally. The Twitter algorithms won’t be able to detect anything and there will be no risk of account flagging or suspension.

The pricing plans of Tweeteev are very affordable and the same as Twesocial. You can choose between the regular ($15 a week) and pro ($25 a week) plans. These plans make it easier for customers as they can pay for the services they want on the go. You can customize their plans, too. Tweeteev cares about the growth demands of its customers and only works after taking their input.

The customer support offered by this company is excellent and the team will assist you in whatever issue you come across. The site and payments are all secured with HTTPS encryption technology, so that you can feel safe while signing up for the company’s services. The bonus feature is that you can opt out of the services anytime and no questions will be asked.

3. UseViral

If you have been looking for a company that is completely focused on right and targeted growth, then you must buy Twitter followers from a company like UseViral. It provides growth services for many other social media accounts like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. This means that the company has knowledge of social media metrics and expertise in handling them in a way that boosts accounts.

This company has one of the biggest partnership networks, which they use for boosting the Twitter accounts of their customers. However, UseViral only adds real and authentic accounts to their network and delivers the same to their customers. The real followers will bring the desired engagement and relevance to your Twitter account. This will help garner organic growth for your account.

UseViral takes additional steps to make the reach of Twitter accounts multi-directional. It promotes the content on other social media platforms too, which brings in more followers naturally. The company also analyzes your account and content to add targeted and relevant followers who will want to engage with you.

The pricing plans for UseViral include two packages, $49 and $99 for a month’s services. The former plan includes all the basic services with free cancellation anytime, while the latter plan delivers standard services with a minimum term of 10 weeks. You will have to wait for some time to see the final results, as followers are added naturally according to the drip-feed method. However, the results are guaranteed.

4. SidesMedia

Another great social media marketing company, SidesMedia is competitive with its counterparts. Just like UseViral, SidesMedia also delivers assured results that are highly focused on targeted and organic growth. The company provides services for almost all major social media platforms and promises the best exposure for all of them.

SidesMedia possesses an extensive network of partner accounts who sign up to be a part of the pool. Every such partner account is paid for following the said Twitter account. This weans out the risk of fake followers as the people following are real who will engage in your account activities. Your account will remain risk-free and the algorithms will never be able to catch any fake activity.

The pricing plans are similar to those of UseViral. The regular plan gives basic growth services for $49/month and the pro plan includes standard services, plus more, for $99/month.

The best part is that even though Sides Media offers growth services, their delivery time is still faster than other companies. You will see the numbers starting to flow within just 72 hours of your order placement. SidesMedia takes care to maintain the retention and engagement levels on your Twitter platform and provides for any drop too.

5. Social Viral

If you cannot wait long enough for growth services, then Social Viral is here to give an instant push to your Twitter account. This is one highly popular social media marketing company that will help you, like its celebrity clients. It is not only speed but authenticity and engagement that the company offers, which has been highly praised by its clients.

The pricing plans of Social Viral to buy Twitter followers are very simply laid out. Their price range starts from $2 for 50 followers and can go up to $85.99 for 5000 followers. This means that you can choose to buy as many followers as you want and pay accordingly. You can customize your desired service plan and discuss it with the company to get a price quote.

Once the services are purchased, your Twitter account will start receiving an influx of followers instantly. The full results will become visible within an hour at maximum. However, the delivery process will not generate any risk of account safety as the process is made to appear organic by the case handlers.

You also get to choose from a variety of safe payment method options. Be assured of the quality of followers offered by Social Viral, as you will see that they are real. The company will also keep track of drops and retention levels, along with providing refills when required.

6. Media Mister

If experience is a marker of credibility for you, then Media Mister is going to be the right social media marketing company that you need to check out to buy your Twitter followers. With its reach across platforms, Media Mister has complete knowledge about all the social media metrics and knows how to give just the right push to different accounts. The cheap offers given by this company are what make it stand out from the crowd.

You can gain 1000 followers by just paying $39 and buy more of them accordingly. And, you can stay completely assured about the quality of the followers as all of them are procured from the inside network of Media Mister.

This user pool contains genuine Twitter users who get paid for following the target clients. Thus, these real users will add credibility and engagement to your Twitter account to make everything appear more organic.

You can even claim full money back if the services are not satisfactory. Media Mister gives a full guarantee of safety for their clients’ Twitter accounts by securing the deals with tight security and privacy policies. You can also choose to pay via different safe payment methods available on the site.

7. Social Packages

Another top social media marketing company that can help you to boost your Twitter account and buy Twitter followers is Social Packages. This company ensures that the growth process of Twitter and other social media accounts is secured end to end. Social Packages uses some of the most advanced strategies to boost the visibility of Twitter accounts, which helps in driving organic growth toward them.

The plans offered by the company start from $7 for 100 followers and go up to $127 for 5000 followers. This also means that you can make custom packages and pay for what you want. Social Packages promises to offer the most authentic and engaging followers who will like, comment, retweet and do much more on your account to make it lively and visible.

A variety of safe payment methods are offered by the company to help clients place their orders securely. All the steps of order placement are secured with SSL encryption technology to ensure the supreme security of the transactions.

You also get the best, assured assistance on all your problems with the robust customer support team of Social Packages. It has live chat and email features that can get you easy access to the customer support team.

8. AudienceGain

If affordability and sustainability have been on your mind while looking for sites to buy your Twitter followers from, then you should buy Twitter followers from AudienceGain. They add real substance to social media accounts with authentic followers. These followers come in handy to drive further organic growth to Twitter accounts by making them alive with engagements, likes, comments and retweets.

The pricing plans offered by AudienceGain are very cheap. You can make custom service plans and purchase them at the price quoted by the company. AudienceGain also takes care to provide refills in case of follower drops and ensures the sustainable growth of your Twitter account.

With a high emphasis on the security of the clients, AudienceGain accepts payments via different secured methods like PayPal. At the same time, you also get a full money refund guarantee on all the services in case the services delivered are unsatisfactory.

The company values its relationship with its clients and takes care of every issue that occurs. You get quick and detailed replies to your queries and problems. All of this owes to the Live Chat feature on the website, which allows you to connect with the support team anytime, anywhere.

9. Viralyft

One of the top-rated companies from which to buy your Twitter followers, Viralyft has gained quite an enormous amount of experience in helping social media accounts build a name for themselves. Viralyft makes the growth experience exclusive for every social media platform with their specialized marketing strategies that are based on particular metrics. The company has satisfied a lot of Twitter clients with their prices and assured results.

Viralyft handpicks only real and active followers after taking a targeted analytical approach towards your account and content. The method of adding the numbers is very organic; it will keep your Twitter account safe against any fraud detection and flagging. You even get a year-long refill for any drop and you can track the growth of your account.

The fast and attentive customer service of Viralyft is also a major advantage. All your issues will be dealt with almost immediately. The security of the account and its data is another major concern of the company, which is why it keeps its security policies updated.


You may have to pay a little extra than others to buy Twitter followers from the company, but their cutting edge services will give your Twitter account a distinctive online presence. is an expert at handling the growth requirements of Twitter accounts as this is the only thing that the company does.

The pricing plans of are quite similar to the company Social Viral. You can start with buying 50 followers for only $2 and go up to get as many as 5000 followers with less than $90. The numbers will get delivered organically in a few hours depending upon the quantity after order placement. You can choose to pay for the services with a variety of payment methods accepted on the website, like credit cards and PayPal. flaunts the highest retention rates when compared to other companies. This means that your account will only keep growing with the lowest follower drop levels. Also, for the drop that occurs, you get an assured refill. All the followers provided by the company are selected from an authentic pool that will keep your account consistently alive.

The company also stands out with its strategy of Twitter Ads method+ that involves payments given to companies that promote its content on their sites. Such additional benefits and strategies amp up the cost a bit, but the results are surely worth it.


There are various companies on the market that claim to make social media accounts like Twitter grow in no time, and help you buy your Twitter followers. However, sustainable growth is always more desirable than instant growth for Twitter accounts looking to establish a deeper presence.

The right company will boost the growth of your Twitter account and sustain it in the long-term. Keeping that in mind, the 10 best marketing companies above will give the ultimate boost to your Twitter account by driving high traffic toward it.

All of the companies listed above have been rated highly for their comprehensive and effective services. You also won’t have to face the risk of spam and account hacks as all of these companies have tight security policies. With only genuine followers added to your Twitter account, you will only have to focus on uploading good content and the engagement will be provided by your organic followers.

It’s suggested you go through the reviews of these marketing firms carefully, check out the websites of the companies that you shortlist, and then buy Twitter followers from the final pick with everything ensured. It is better that you get assistance with your growth requirements and packages beforehand from the company and then make the purchase.

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