Bee and PuppyCat

Why ‘Bee and PuppyCat’ Should Be Your New Favorite Cartoon

Join Bee and her adorable yet mysterious companion as they embark on an exhilarating space adventure.
May 25, 2021
5 mins read

“Bee and PuppyCat” is an adorable show about a woman named Bee, who is unemployed and has trouble with keeping a job. One day, she encounters a mysterious creature named PuppyCat, and they begin to travel between reality and alternate universes to complete the assignments given to them. “Bee and PuppyCat” is a bingeworthy series that can be finished in one day and enjoyed by all ages, and it’s the perfect show to watch during summer break. Fans of “Steven Universe” and “Adventure Time” will definitely enjoy this interstellar adventure.

Viewers must watch “Bee and PuppyCat Pilot” in order to understand the entire backstory of the show. It’s only about 10 minutes long and sets everything up. The episode is about Bee getting fired from her job and meeting PuppyCat on her way back home. PuppyCat gives Bee a letter, and the moment PuppyCat signs the letter, the pair is taken to an alternate universe called Fishbowl Space. In this universe, Bee and PuppyCat go on an adventure and PuppyCat tells a story about an outlaw who was betrayed by a princess. After fighting a monster, they are both transported back to reality and earn a stack of cash for finishing their jobs. At the end of the episode, PuppyCat looks out the window and as the light shines on him, the Space Outlaw’s reflection is shown on the window for a brief second.


One thing to note is that the episodes are all combined together. This makes it easier to follow along with the story of how Bee and PuppyCat go into different alternate universes to earn money. In the first two episodes, the two characters travel to Fishbowl Space. Their adventures eventually lead them to Cat-Head Planet in Episodes 3 and 4. In the fifth and sixth episode, their assignment takes them to Cloud Word. And last but not least, for the remainder of the season, the duo travels to Baking Planet. The assignments given to Bee and PuppyCat usually end with them having to fight a monster to restore balance.

It’s shocking how a show filled with cute magical powers can be so pure yet so fierce. “Bee and PuppyCat” is filled with wholesome characters and not-so-evil villains. The content isn’t too gruesome and it’s easy to process everything that’s going on in each episode. Even though the show contains mature topics, it doesn’t sacrifice gentleness, comfort and fun, whereas many adult cartoons tend to use excessively graphic imagery and portray darker themes that can get uncomfortable at times. The fighting scenes in the show aren’t as violent either when compared to other adult cartoon shows.

It’s rare to come across series that are whimsical, adventurous and cover adult topics. In “Bee and PuppyCat,” Bee struggles to make ends meet and money is an issue — and although this isn’t a prominent aspect of the show, the fact that it’s still there is welcome. On top of that, the show examines making hard, adult decisions about jobs and school and looking for direction in early adulthood. Many college students and adults can definitely relate to these underlying themes in “Bee and PuppyCat.”

Season 2 of “Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space” will be coming out on Netflix in 2022. The second season is said to be filled with a new set of adventures and longer episodes. However, there have been many debates online about releasing the second season on Netflix due to the contents being leaked already.

“Bee and PuppyCat” can be streamed online via the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel or on VRV.

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