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The Two Best YouTube Fitness Channels

It’s like having your own personal trainers.
August 16, 2019
7 mins read

If you’re trying to get in shape but are kind of new to this exercise thing and don’t really know where to begin, allow me to recommend YouTube fitness videos. They’re easily accessible, free, often don’t require any equipment and can even be done in the comfort of your own living room. The only downside? There’s a lot of fitness videos and channels to sort through to find which ones are worth your time and which ones you’re better off scrolling past.

Luckily, after reading this article, you won’t have to go through the trouble of sorting through videos yourself. Here are two YouTube fitness channels worth every second of your time and every sore muscle in your body. Although these channels are mostly geared toward women, they’ll work up a sweat in everybody.

1. “Blogilates– “Train like a beast, look like a beauty.”

“5…4…3…2…1…and hold!”

Play any video on Cassey Ho’s YouTube channel, Blogilates, and you will recognize this phrase. Just when you think you’ve finished a pose, she’ll make you hold it just a little while longer, and that’s why you’ll love her.

While Blogilates is one of the most well-known and influential names in the “home-workouts” niche of the YouTube fitness world, it was not part of Ho’s 10 year plan when she was majoring in biology at Whittier College in California.

Like many Asian American children trying to please their parents, as Ho often recounts in her videos and blog posts, she was on the path to becoming a doctor. What started as a side job for Ho in college is now a multimillion dollar business and fitness community for women all over the world.

Blogilates is most known for POP Pilates, a combination of doing Pilates while listening to pop music. The incorporation of pop music into a traditionally meditative practice is entrepreneurial in and of itself, but it isn’t the only thing that sets Blogilates apart from other YouTube fitness channels.

Ho’s warm, friendly and motivational personality will make you feel like you’re working out with your best friend, who just so happens to be a world famous personal trainer. You’ve got options galore when it comes to what you want: body parts to focus on, kinds of exercises to do, workout lengths, group workouts or single workouts, quiet, loud, cardio, stretching and everything in between. Ho has been making YouTube fitness videos since 2009, so a shortage of workouts is not something you will have to worry about.

One of Ho’s favorite ways to motivate her “POPsters,” as she calls her 1.5 million Instagram followers and over 4 million YouTube subscribers, is by introducing different challenges. There’s been a “100 Glute Challenge,” “100 Ab Challenge,”  “28 Day Summer Sculpt,” numerous song challenges (where you work a specific body part the duration of a particular song) and many others.

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What makes these challenges special and super effective is that you don’t do them alone; you become part of the POPster community and do all the challenges with thousands of other people across the world. Ho also completes the challenges alongside her subscribers. Just follow her on Instagram and you’ll never have an excuse for skipping a workout. You’ll actually feel like you’re missing out — which you are — when you don’t participate in the community-wide challenges.

2. LadyBoss

The LadyBoss lifestyle is a mentality refined and put into practice by its founder, Kaelin Poulin. A LadyBoss doesn’t sit idly as life passes her by; a LadyBoss takes control of her life.

Poulin knows how to get women in shape because she did it for herself first. In her own journey of losing 65 pounds and living her healthiest and happiest life, she’s learned all the tips and tricks along the way so that you don’t have to.

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Her YouTube fitness channel is filled with everything from full-body workouts to healthy yet delicious recipes and explaining what kinds of supplements women should be taking in order to achieve the best results. The LadyBoss brand is a comprehensive plan, weaving together all possible aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Poulin does all the planning for you and basically gives you a step-by-step guide on how to live your healthiest life. She’s got workout videos, which are accompanied by shorter demonstrative videos, breaking down each move. She’s got healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juices and even desserts.

She’s even got a fool-proof chart that teaches you about different supplements — which ones you should take, which ones you should avoid and which ones you should simply run from.

Poulin understands that it’s difficult to make all your meals at home, so she created a restaurant cheat sheet with some of the most famous restaurants and fast food joints. You simply click on the restaurant you are at and a list will come up of all the LadyBoss-approved menu items or the necessary substitutions.

It’s genius, it’s easy to use and it’s got LadyBoss written all over it.

This is all readily available on the LadyBoss app once you become a member of the LadyBoss community. Even without paying to become a member, however, you can still benefit from a majority of the same content shared through YouTube videos and by following and liking LadyBoss on social media.

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Similar to “Blogilates,” the LadyBoss community is one of encouragement, motivation, an overall feeling of togetherness and a commitment to keep members accountable. It’s the perfect combination of acceptance while also striving for progress, as a LadyBoss always does.

Whether you choose to become a POPster, a LadyBoss or both, a supportive community is key in helping you stick to your plans and achieve your goals. A virtual community can foster real friendships and real results. At the very least, it’s worth giving these channels a chance.

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