5 Female Physicians to Watch on YouTube

Calling all prospective medical students.
July 18, 2019
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Medicine is a vast and ever-growing career field. Whether you choose to be a nurse, a physician assistant or a doctor, there is an abundance of ways to get involved in medicine. There are several specialties and subspecialties to choose from; from anesthesiology to gynecology to radiology and the countless specialties in between, you’re bound to find a YouTube channel geared toward whatever interests you. I have found several YouTube channels that focus specifically on women, whether it be their perspective on medical school or their lives practicing medicine. They are especially helpful for those considering a career in the medical field, but are also just interesting to watch if you’re in a YouTube rut.

1. Mama Doctor Jones

Mama Doctor Jones is a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist. Dr. Jones is a mom of four: twin girls and two little boys. Her channel focuses on her career as a gynecologist as she does a lot of reaction videos to medical TV shows, such as “Grey’s Anatomy” or “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” She also gives women practical gynecology advice and answers commonly asked gynecological questions.

Dr. Jones has several videos dedicated to her time in medical school and why she chose gynecology as her specialty. While in medical school, she gave birth to her twins, giving her an interesting perspective as a new mom finishing up her medical training. Definitely check out her YouTube channel for advice on medical school, gynecology or picking a specialty.

2. America Revere

I happened to find America Revere’s page totally by accident, but I’m glad I did. Revere is a third-year medical student and has vlogged her experiences in medical school on YouTube since she began. Not only does she give advice relating to medical school, she also gives general life and relationship advice.

For the first two years of her medical education, Revere talked about her experiences in the classroom. She gave plenty of study advice and discussed how she adjusted to life in medical school. Since she began her third year, Revere has documented her experiences in rotations. So far, she has done surgical rotations, gynecology, psychiatry and internal medicine. She recently posted a video ranking her third-year rotations and I definitely recommend watching. Head on over to Revere’s YouTube channel for study tips and advice on surviving medical school.

3. Dr. Sandra Lee

If you’ve heard of the show “Dr. Pimple Popper,” then you definitely know Dr. Sandra Lee. Before watching Dr. Pimple Popper on TLC, I watched her videos on YouTube. Before having her own show, Dr. Lee would make guest appearances on other shows and post her segments on her YouTube channel. Dr. Lee is a board-certified dermatologist, skin cancer surgeon and cosmetic surgeon. Her channel is full of videos of her popping pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. She has several videos on her channel of her removing skin lesions that might be cancerous.

Dr. Lee has now started her own skincare line and has merchandise for her fans. Although her page doesn’t necessarily give advice to those interested in a career in medicine, she does hope to inspire people to consider a career in dermatology. She uses her YouTube channel to give the world a closer look at her specialty. If you love pimple-popping videos or might be interested in a career in dermatology, definitely check out her YouTube channel and tune in to “Dr. Pimple Popper.”

4. Thebrittnyway

Brittany is a current third year medical student who has documented her experiences throughout medical school on her YouTube channel. She is an example of a nontraditional medical student. Brittany has plans to become a doctor in the United States Air Force. On her channel, she includes advice for those wanting to be a doctor in the military as well as fitness advice.

Like America Revere, Brittany gives plenty of study advice and vlogs her weekly experiences in medical school. She has storytime videos, medical school interview look books and even scholarship advice. Stumbling upon her page was also cool because I’ve thought about joining the military as a physician, and I could relate because my mom is physician in the Air Force. Definitely give her page a look if you’re interested in the joining the military and becoming a practicing physician.

5. Dr. Dray

Dr. Dray, like Dr. Lee, is a practicing board certified dermatologist. Unlike Dr. Lee, Dr. Dray’s YouTube channel focuses on skin care reviews and advice instead on pimple popping. She regularly does reviews on commercial skincare lines and sunscreens to evaluate how well they work and if they’re worth the money. From high-end to drugstore, Dr. Dray has probably reviewed it and given her expert opinion as a dermatologist. In addition to reviewing skincare and sunscreen, Dr. Dray gives lifestyle advice on being vegan and about healthy habits to include in your everyday routine.

Although her channel is a little less interesting than pimple popping, I still love watching her channel to get skincare advice. I’m a huge skincare enthusiast and love to invest in my skincare routine, so her videos help me decide which product lines might work for me. Her lifestyle videos are also interesting too, so definitely check out her YouTube if you’re a skincare enthusiast or just interested in dermatology.

There are numerous medically-related YouTube channels out there. It’s all about finding the channels that fit your interests and future career goals. Although the women I listed have interesting YouTube channels that I watch regularly, none of them are practicing in my preferred specialty.

I choose to watch them because they’re all relatable and give good advice regarding medical school, family life and choosing a specialty. Definitely check out their channels on YouTube, even if you’re not interested in medicine, because they give practical advice and are relatable.

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