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Understanding Feminine and Masculine Energy

If you want to find true balance in your life, it is important to find balance within yourself.

The world as we know it exists in polarities. Good and bad, happy and sad, and so on. Thus, even the ways in which humans express themselves are no exception. These two modalities are known as our feminine and masculine energies. Synonymous with yin and yang, these energies are non-gendered despite their traditional associations. In other words, both men and women are composed of the two dynamics. However, because of our biases, we as a collective tend to prize one over the other. Either preference, as well as the societal constraints of gender roles, adds to our inner imbalance. However, when we harmonize our energy, we’re able to live life to its potential!

Masculine Energy

Starting off with masculine energy since its nature is so eager, it is always doing, moving and protecting. Our masculine energy can be seen as our will to live and exercise. It is the impulse that drives us out of our beds in the morning. Therefore, we call upon this polarity to meet our survival needs. This energy is also related to the left hemisphere of our brain, which handles logic and our survival instincts. Thus, we act upon our masculine sense when foraging for food, fighting to protect our loved ones, or simply going to an interview to get a job. While this energy is vital, it can also be dangerous if abused. Funnily enough, males in society tend to be the main culprits guilty of abusing this energy, likely because of society’s limitations.

But females in today’s society are not unfamiliar with this approach. Ever heard of the quote, “It’s a man’s world”? Because of the radical injustice that occurs in the workplace and societies worldwide, many women have also been found guilty of prioritizing masculine energy. You often see its misuse through the concealment of emotions and a fixation on wealth or power. Regardless of who it is or why they do it, masculine energy is best when robust, supportive and always ready to respond. By abandoning our view of masculine energy as unfeeling and controlling, we can experience it as a stabilizing energy.

Feminine Energy

Feminine energy (commonly referred to as yin energy) allows us to absorb, receive and have faith. This energy is sometimes labeled illogical and thus viewed as weak or insignificant by many. However, there are certain occurrences in everyone’s lifetime where only feminine energy can help. Becoming ill with cancer, for example, forces you to be patient and have faith in recovery. The logical discoveries of modern medicine alone cannot completely cure the ailment. This also can be seen when needing to tend to your inner emotional qualms. When they realize that a situation is out of their hands, the first thing most people do is pray to a higher power for assistance. Feminine energy asks for your trust and belief, which makes humans vulnerable to uncertainty.

Since most humans tend to only trust what they can see, few are brave enough to go against the norms and stand up for their beliefs. This is why you can see such strength within organized religions. They are attempts to connect with the divine feminine but through the workings of the divine masculine. I say this because most organized religions have books, restraints and specific practices. But the divine feminine is boundless and advises individuals to listen to their genuine heartfelt emotions to discern the truth. While the divine masculine is necessary to ground the divine feminine in logical concepts, its influence can be minute when considering faith. Any faith-born beliefs that would condemn its people for their actions are deviating from the divine feminine’s intended purpose. Instead, it’s the overactive influence of divine masculine energy trying to force control onto a feminine domain. Despite this imbalance, recognizing these energies will help every individual examine how to bring their life into peace. Through introspection of their own unique viewpoints, humans will begin to shape their own logic and beliefs.

How Does This Play Out in Society?

As I said before, masculine energy has always dominated our world. Nonetheless, we are beginning to see people step into their divine feminine energy more confidently. As our societies open their minds to innovation and individuality, people start to detach from the fear born from a dominating divine masculine and melt into the faithful peace of the divine feminine. And I feel that the cause of such restraints was created from the vast limitations applied to gender roles.

Even though many males abuse their masculine energy, can you really blame all males? To be a man in any culture looks very similar. Men are expected to be strong, uniform, and keep smiles on their faces the whole while through. If not, they are often condemned as weak, impotent and useless. Similarly, many females felt like it was their duty to prioritize masculine energy because of the traditional domestic lifestyles many females lived. Until about the 1960s, many females were expected to focus on marriage and child-rearing. Since others rarely equated their intellect to that of men, many females felt this injustice and realized that they had to be brutal, unemotional and rather cut-throat just to get a seat at the table.

How To Blend the Two Together

A culture that prioritizes strength and unemotional individuals is great for productivity but horrible for ensuring happiness. To begin the integration of more divine feminine energy, we need more individuals who are courageous enough to be laughed at or judged, even if it’s for themselves. Instead of forcing people out of their masculine shells, we can take baby steps toward this shift by encouraging more compassion for all of those around us. Instead of praising and persecuting others, reflect on why you made the judgment that you did. Commonly, our judgments of others are our own insecurities and desires reflected onto another person. There will always be instances where we feel out of balance, but we will always find our way back through introspection and remaining conscious of our actions and the motives behind them.

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