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6 Online Casino Myths Explained

There are a few mistaken beliefs about these spaces.
March 17, 2022
5 mins read

No doubt, online casinos are a reasonable means of excitement and fun. But unfortunately, online casinos have been associated with different myths, mainly due to their recent popularity.

However, these ideas send the wrong message to online casino gamblers. This article will explain the popular myths related to online casinos.

6 Myths of Online Casinos

There are many myths about online casinos. Most of these myths are false and misleading. Below are some of the most popular online casino myths:

1. You Will Certainly Get Addicted to an Online Casino

There is no solid proof that getting addicted to online casinos is certain; experience has shown that most gamblers play online games without forming an addiction.

This myth is the closest to the truth among the many myths of online casinos. However, several available tools will help you remain focused and set reasonable limits.

2.  Online Casinos Support Underage Players

Another mistaken idea about online casinos is that they do not observe age restrictions. Although underage players can gain access to online casinos, experienced gamblers are confident that legal online casinos have age restrictions of either 18 or 21.

Online casinos that are guilty of permitting underage gambling can lose their license. Consequently, most online casinos have special tools that ensure there is no opportunity for underage users to gamble on their platforms.

3. Online Casino Gambling Is Illegal

One of the prominent myths about online casinos is that they are fake. In addition, many people believe that there are no regulations and laws governing casino operations. Therefore, online casinos can always cheat players and get away with it.

This idea is wrong; most online gambling platforms like Zodiac Casino have strict laws and rules governing them. Moreover, different countries have different commissions overseeing the casino’s operations.

4. It Is Not Possible To Win on Online Casinos

Due to the house advantage, many people feel it is impossible to win at online casinos. That idea is wrong. Moreover, online casinos use a random number generator to ensure fair play. These generators are checked regularly by the management to ensure fairness.

Many people believe online casino games are rigged or online casinos are scams. On the contrary, licensed and verified casinos have games that are entirely fair to play with transparent conditions.

5. Online Casinos Take Attention Away From the Land-Based Casinos

This is another myth among many people today. Many physical casinos own online platforms to reduce the traffic in their casinos; since it’s the same company with two setups, their profit increases.

Online casinos are a means for physical casinos to expand. Therefore, the idea that they take profit away from the traditional casinos is inaccurate. Instead, they increase their market share.

6. If You Win Too Much, The Game Will Freeze

Similar to the previous myths, this is another mistaken online gambling myth. Most legitimate online casinos have systems and games that have an appropriate design. Therefore, there’s no reason for the system to freeze when you hit the jackpot.

Whether small or big, gamblers can always withdraw their winnings from online casinos. There are many examples where online casinos have fully paid gamblers who hit the jackpot on their platforms. Moreover, gamblers who deserve additional rewards receive them without system malfunction.


As this article has discussed, most online casino myths are false. Unfortunately, however, these lofty lies are spread by angry gamblers who have not been very fortunate. Therefore, they seek every opportunity to discourage new and old gamblers from playing games in online casinos.

This article has shown that legal online casinos are safe and secure. Moreover, they provide their customers with fair games and do not try to cheat them in any way. So, it would be best if you did not base any of your gambling decisions on negative reviews or these myths. In addition, the Zodiac Online casinos give options that help gamblers balance their gambling activities.

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