Surfing in Australia
When it comes to catching swells down under, don't miss these five locals-only locations. (Image via No Limit Adventures)

The 5 Best Spots for Surfing in Australia

It’s the best surfing in the country that has the best surfing in the world.

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Surfing in Australia

It’s the best surfing in the country that has the best surfing in the world.

Of the best surfing spots in the world, several of them in Australia. These are places you would visit for an exciting moment that would give you thrills the rest of your life.

Most surfers like visiting Australia to enjoy surfing in the best spots that the country offers. While many people prefer their time in Australia, taking necessary precautions to ensure your surfing will be safe is essential. With the numerous stories about sharks, it is good to ensure that you check the conditions for the spot you would surf.

You can choose the best spot for surfing if you consider the weather conditions, the swell size and the wind directions. It is good to understand that the requirements for various locales are different and considering them before choosing the spot for surfing is mandatory.

You wouldn’t want to go surfing only to finish on a sad note, though Australia makes it awfully easy to have a good time in the swells. The country is renowned for its surfing because of its warm and fresh water, which is conducive not only for surfers but also for animals like sharks, which can be dangerous.

Again, identifying the right circumstances can be difficult, but it’s more than possible with the right people in place. So, make sure to consider the locals, experts and weather forecasters to help you learn the conditions of the spot you consider for surfing.

After you have all your other details squared away, check out these spots to catch the beast breaks in Australia.

1. Queensland, Noosa

Many people in the world admire the long break at the point break in Noosa, which occurs because the location has all the right conditions in place.

In Noosa, massive swells brings surfers from across the country and abroad. (Image via Why Travel Blog)

The spot is also appropriate for all people in all seasons. Beginners can surf alongside experts, while experienced surfers can enjoy the riding the long-rolling waves. It is not only interesting to surf in Queensland, Noosa, but also exciting as you can learn how to gauge weather conditions that augur well for surfing.

2. Byron Bay, Tallows Beach

Byron Bay in Australia is awesome for broad riders. Plus, it has many beaches that surfers can choose to enjoy.

At the end of the Clarke beaches lies The Pass, which is often ranked among the top surfing spots in Australia.

If you need a hippy atmosphere to enjoy your surfing, then Byron Bay is the right spot for you. You will enjoy a whole new experience of surfing that you will not get elsewhere. One notable characteristic of the spot is that its geography protects it from northeastern winds, which makes it a safer place to surf.

3. Victoria Lorne

Victoria Lorne is a charming, coastal surfing spot for you and can prove magical for surfers who love great encounters outdoors. You can also get fresh fish here as you continue with your surfing experience.

The Victoria has given many people a new experience in surfing. Most of the surfers in this spot attest to the uniqueness and excitement that comes with surfing here. For the long riders, they can get 400-500 meters for a smooth ride.

4. Western Australia, Margaret River

A list of the best surfing spots in Australia wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Margaret River in the western part of the country.

In April, the place will be crowded with surfers because of the cool environment that draws many tourists and fun seekers.

The Margaret River makes this particular stretch of surfing unlike any other throughout the country. (Image via SL Outdoors Mag)

The spot has also grown to become one of the renowned surfing spots in Australia, for many reasons. However, what stands out in this region is the mild Mediterranean climate that the Margaret River experiences, especially in summer.

Because of its climate, surfers can sunbathe, swim and kite surf in the summer, and in the winter visitors enjoy the long wavy conditions while surfing.

5. South Cape Bay, Tasmania

Anyone traveling in the southern part of Australia has an opportunity to surf in one of the less-crowded spots in the country. Unlike other beaches and spots, the South Cape Bay gives surfers the best chance to enjoy surfing while having the opportunity to catch waves.

It offers immaculate, big waves that surfers love, especially given the minimal competition for the water. The water makes the surfing not only interesting but also individualized. If you hate the crowded beaches in other spots, then this bay is your ultimate destination.

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