Strawberry Amnesia

A Detailed Review of the Strawberry Amnesia Cannabis Strain

This cross between two different sativa strains results in something particularly nice-smelling.
January 10, 2020
3 mins read

The Strawberry Amnesia strain of cannabis comes from the strong and inspiring Dinafem flower. It is a sativa strain that has been bred from Strawberry Cough and Amnesia. The offspring provides the familiar sweet strawberry and earthy flavors of its dual heritage. 

With the energy and euphoria-inducing effects of a sativa, the strain also supplies you with a relaxing body high indicative of its distant indica ancestry. 

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Strawberry Amnesia’s dark green nugs usually present themselves very thickly and with a heavy coat of resin. Needless to say, this strong sativa should be handled with caution.

When Is Strawberry Amnesia Flowering Time?

The strain is quick to flower and this can happen in just 6 weeks. This is much quicker than many other cannabis strains. The strain is a large plant and will typically grow in excess of 78 inches in height, so maybe you’ll want to grow it outdoors. Strawberry Amnesia cannabis plants will produce a high yield of between 3 to 6 ounces of weed per square foot of growing space. 

The taste of the Strawberry Amnesia strain can best be described as sweet, earthy and and evocative of strawberry.

Strawberry Amnesia Strain Medical Benefits and Side Effects

— Relaxed: 70-78%

— Happy: 83.9%

— Uplifted: 93.1%

— Suppressed Appetite: 99.6%

— Euphoria: 92.6%

— Anti-depressant: 76.7%

— Insomnia: 60.5%

Stressed: 82.4%

— Dry Mouthed: 99.6%

— Dry Eyed: 49.4%

— Muscle Spasms: 91.4%

— Dizziness: 52.3%

— Headaches: 4.9%

— Anxiety: 7.6%

Buying Strawberry Amnesia Seeds

The quality of different Strawberry Amnesia seeds is not always the same. The genetics and quality of individual seed batches boils down to the breeder. So make sure you do your research before forking out the cash for some.

The strain by Dinafem is a sativa dominant hybrid strain from the Original Strawberry Cough and an Original Amnesia. It is a fast-growing plant of medium height; it has compact resin-covered buds and it produces a great crop.


There is no doubting that this strain is a sativa plant, even though its wide leaves seem indica-like. The strain portrays all of the best traits of a sativa-dominant hybrid: thriving in tropical climates, enjoys the sunshine, grows at a steady rate and enjoys being exposed to moist environments. Provide a growing environment that caters to all these needs and you will have tall and open marijuana plants with plenty of branches. It has ample internodal spacing so it is able to stretch both up and out. Whichever way you look at it, this strain is a perfect sativa queen.


Cherishing your strain when t is growing and it will reward you with top-quality crops of large, thick buds with plenty of resin and in  record time. At 65-75 days the flowering phase seems short for such a large sativa.

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