Here’s How the Moon’s Orbit Affects Your Sign

Moon transits affect your day-to-day existence, so it's critical to pay attention to their movement.
August 22, 2018
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The astrological moon is one of the vital areas of a natal chart because it rules the unconscious personality and emotions. It represents immediate reactions and desire.

The moon not only rules over the sea, it also affects people as it moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac about every two-and-a-half days. The moon’s orbit symbolizes daily existence, as it influences people around the world’s general conditions, like their opportunities, pressures and challenges.

The orbit’s effect on people is related to electional astrology, or event astrology, meaning that charts and planets are interpreted for specific dates; so, if the moon is in Aries, then the overall planetary composition will be effected for the couple of days the moon’s orbit is stationed in Aries.

Regardless of which sign the moon’s orbit is in, it can influence people’s collective mood and how they approach daily life. Below, I’ll take you through what it means for the moon to be in each sign.

You can figure out what days the moon’s orbit is in which sign using a number of apps, such as TimePassages and Co—Star; or if you want to more fully understand how the moon relates to other planets for each week, make sure to listen to Anne Ortelee’s Weekly Weather podcast.


Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, represents the energy it takes to initiate action and move forward. When the moon’s orbit is in this fiery sign, people feel emotionally direct, impulsive, impatient and highly emotional or easily angered. Because this transit urges you to establish a fresh start and new habits, it gives you the courage you need for a new beginning.

During this time, you should be sure to rely on yourself take advantage of the energy, whether by exercising or starting a new project.


Taurus, the bull of the zodiac, loves physical comfort and quality values. Although the sign can be known for a stubborn nature, this moon transit creates a heightened emotional need for stability and peace.

During this period, you may want to indulge in material things and veer toward situations that either give you steady emotional or physical satisfaction. The orbit is a perfect time for some DIY self-care, listening to music and lighting candles because financial and emotional security are the focuses today.


When the moon orbit is in the sign of the twins, there is a greater possibility of emotional change and polarity. That polarity is caused by the conflicting nature of the twins, which combines order and chaos. Gemini, being the sign of duality, craves knowledge and change.

Emotions during this time can be restless and even feel like they are racing, however, emotions can also become more analytical and communicative. During the two-and-a-half days, it is important to make sure you are listening to others and not doing all the talking.


Ruled by the moon, this sign is associated with the home, motherhood and the unconscious. Cancer is comforting, tender sensitive. When the moon orbit is in Cancer, a person’s own emotions are heightened along with their sense of empathy.

Because you might feel especially moody during this time, it is important to channel these emotions into gaining a deeper understanding of emotional needs and ways to process it all. The embrace can lead people to gravitate toward their nurturing side or get lost in their imagination. Regardless, the moon transit in Cancer is a great time for family and cooking with friends.


Moving from the moon in Cancer to Leo can be a striking shift for people’s social wants and needs — you will want to go out and party again and better yet, you’ll shine in the spotlight.

Ruled by the sun, Leo is grand and prideful, which causes people to want to get out and be a part of the action during this transit. You might also feel particularly inspired by drama, though, so heed your ego because your emotions will be dramatic enough. Throughout this period, people will seek out affection and acknowledgement during this time.


Virgo represents purity, practicality, analysis and organization. Unlike Leo, practicality is the name of the game. The transit also signifies attention to detail. When the moon orbit transits this Mercury-ruled sign, people are compelled to complete difficult tasks, exercise concentration and declutter their lives. Solutions seem easier to come up, so you might feel the need to get various areas of your life in check, such as your diet or habits.

However, if unchecked, emotions during this time can become overly critical, so it is best to be gentle on yourself and others during this time while working toward personal and professional goals.


Balance, beauty and harmony are the epitome of this Venus-ruled sign. When the moon orbit enters Libra, people are emotionally drawn toward focusing on their closest relationships and aesthetics.

With Libra representing the sign of projection, you may develop a greater understanding for how others see you and how you impact them during this transit. This Venus-ruled transit will make you want to pamper yourself and socialize with others. Emotional balance will serve as the focus for this time because balance is the ultimate goal of Libra. Much of this transit reflects the sign’s glyph, a scale.


Water sign Scorpio exalts the great mysteries of life, death and the afterlife, so it is no surprise that people’s emotions meet new depths during this moon transit. The energy allows you to really question complicated issues because the period is all about transformation— death and birth.

This sign represents taboo and when the moon is in Scorpio, people are more focused on sex, power and mystery than usual. Although this sign alludes to the concept of death, it is full of opportunity because Scorpio can help people arrive at the full truth.


As the teacher of the zodiac, Sagittarius is all about experiencing new things and reaching elevated perspectives.

When the moon’s orbit is in this sign, people are likely to feel that anything is possible. That optimism encourages you to take chances at deep emotional levels, making this transit an opportunistic time to not only explore how you feel, but also meaningfully communicate with friends and expose yourself to something that may be uncomfortable at first — perhaps a difficult workout or spicy food to honor this fire sign.


When the moon’s orbit is in Capricorn, people’s emotions can be more serious than usual because the sign of the goat exudes self-control and conservative self-sufficiency. This lunar motion permeates practical emotional awareness and increases concentration.

This duration is an ideal opportunity to push past difficult things in life and take control of situations, from your routine to your workplace. The moon in Capricorn also allows people to better prioritize their energy, both physical and mental, which allows for greater control.


Known for its individuality and innovative or revolutionary ideas, Aquarius is the sign of spontaneity. When the moon orbit transits through this air sign, people are likely to be more intuitive that usual because your mood gives way to rare understandings and objective impulsivity.

During this transit it is a perfect time to brainstorm and investigate new ideas, get new perspective through Aquarius’ detached energy and take advantage of Aquarius’ humanitarian side by engaging in groups.


Focused on spirituality, transcendence and dreams, water sign Pisces is highly creative. When the moon orbit transits this sign, emotional and mental life take on mystical tones which encourage people to reflect and assess their reactions to concepts such as forgiveness and vulnerability.

This period should be used to meditate in order to bring focus back into your life; however, to do so successfully you must honor the Pisces energy at play.

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