Kerwin Frost Talks
Kerwin Frost has befriended numerous celebrities through his podcast. (Image via Instagram)
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Kerwin Frost Talks
Kerwin Frost has befriended numerous celebrities through his podcast. (Image via Instagram)

Frost’s relatability and versatility glisten in his podcast.

With “Kerwin Frost Talks,” Kerwin Frost has achieved the title of “your favorite influencer’s favorite influencer.” If you were to stumble upon Frost in the streets of New York City, he would appear to be any other regular New Yorker — that is, until you see him hanging out with his best friends Playboi Carti or Luke Sabbat. Frost seems to be a lurking shadow amongst both the fashion scene and the comedic scene. He has the personality that many celebrities gravitate toward.

This is the foundation of Kerwin Frost’s new podcast, “Kerwin Frost Talks,” in which he sits down for hours and has an organic conversation with his friends — who happen to be A-list celebrities. Frost has an essence of purity and originality. “Kerwin Frost Talks” is also filmed and posted on his YouTube channel. Often, he can make his interviewee so comfortable that the camera becomes an invisible presence.

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Frost will sit for hours with knockouts like SZA, Blood Orange and Diplo. Frost swivels and takes bold leaps, allowing whatever energy he is receiving from his guest to lead the way. “Kerwin Frost Talks” doesn’t take place in a professional setting with mics galore and artificial lighting.

Instead, Frost often goes directly to the guest’s house, which gives viewers an intimate look into their life and home. The environment is never stiff; the two recline and sprawl over a comfy couch, adding to the relaxed tone.

Frost has been embraced and trusted by many celebrities, hinting at his overwhelming ability to talk to anybody, allowing him to uncover the essence of any given artist. Perhaps you might be wondering how he managed to gain the recognition and respect of so many talented people.

Frost has been known to be in the right place at the right time. As a young teenager in the streets of Soho, he discovered his passion for fashion and self-expression. He would wander the city streets alone, weaving in and out of the fashion districts. Frost would stand in line for big name designers, like Supreme, and would overcharge naïve tourists to gain money to stock up his eclectic closet. The exact moment he made his rounds in the city was when streetwear fashion evolved and spread like a wildfire.

Frost used his goofy and whimsical persona to his advantage and quickly fell in with a group of teenage models who were taking the fashion scene by storm. This is where he met his best friend — actor and model Luke Sabbat. His days spent frolicking around high-designer stores are the roots behind his inventive clothing line, Spaghetti Boys.

Sabbat would soon be his first guest on the podcast. They lounge on a couch in an outdated hotel against double door windows. You can watch as daylight turns to nightfall before your eyes in the backdrop, as Sabbat puffs a cigarette dangling from his lips, reminiscing on impactful moments in his childhood that led him to where he is today.

Frost stands tall in his demeanor and remains elated. His eyes follow with excitement, and he leans into each word his guest says, never talking over them. He is more interested in hearing the life story of each guest — so much so that each podcast almost feels like a grand documentary. Frost makes sure they are the captain of their own individual story.

He allows for each guest to be a multidimensional figure and asks questions from a place of genuine care. Frost’s effortless conversational skills get to the core of each guest, uncovering hidden gemstones of their life before and after fame. Frost isn’t afraid to go deeper, and the conversation never feels too heavy. He walks the line of light-heartedness and emotional maturity.

At the end of the day, Frost proves he is a fan first and foremost. He expresses his gratitude and passion for the art behind each guest. His genuine curiosity gets to know the soul of each person he encounters — Frost is a people person at heart. His ability to invoke a sense of understanding and validation for each guest’s experience is what allows them to be completely vulnerable.

His charisma paves the way for his podcast — and then, by night, he can be found DJing for a Kardashian House Party. He posts crazy, wild outfits on his Instagram with a childish pose and gains compliments from designer Takashi Murakami.

“Kerwin Frost Talks” is a refreshing cultural artifact, bringing back the intuitive nature of conversation. With a face tattoo of an elongated pencil and streetwear so loud that it elicits a scream, Frost is a notable presence. His dynamic energy will have you lost in a sea of riveting conversation, regardless of whether or not you are a fan of the guest.

In a world that has become easily oversaturated with bending the truth, Frost is unapologetic in his desire to be fully present in his identity. He chooses to honor the truth and simplicity behind each artist, discussing secrets that fans have been dying to know for years.

Frost is a magician of sorts, drawing intellectual questions like cards and letting the chips fall where they may. Check out “Kerwin Frost Talks” for a naturally entertaining podcast that seeks to inspire.

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