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How to Become a Makeup Influencer: A Q&A with an Aspiring Makeup Artist

It's easy to feel lost in the beauty community, but there's room for everyone.
June 30, 2019
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The world of makeup is flooded with both micro and macro influencers all hoping to share their creativity and work with the world. Between platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, there are thousands of makeup influencers hoping to get their names and works out there to garner PR opportunities, gain clients and increase their following. Micro influencers, like Daemiah, and macro influencers, like Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley, all work hard and take inspiration from everyday surroundings to create unique makeup looks. I had the opportunity to interview Daemiah, a local aspiring makeup artist and fellow Baylor student.

Daemiah began experimenting with makeup while in college. She is naturally an introvert, so she used her makeup skills as a way to break out of her shell. Makeup has afforded Daemiah numerous opportunities and made her rather well-known on Baylor’s campus. When she first began makeup, she did it as a stress reliever. She never expected her creative looks to garner so much attention or encourage her to start her own platform. Her family and friends have been there every step of the way and pushed her to launch these platforms to reach a larger community of people.


Q. Why are you passionate about doing makeup?                                        

A. Although I never intended to pursue a career as a makeup artist or influencer, once I began doing makeup, I fell in love with it. To me, makeup is a creative outlet and a way for me to have fun, to step out of my shell and to relieve stress. Life is too short to just have a job to survive, I want to at least pursue becoming a makeup artist and if it doesn’t work, I have a solid backup plan. When I first started makeup, I didn’t know you could make a livable salary from it. Most people don’t know that most makeup artists actually make six figures.

Q. When did you decide to start a YouTube channel for makeup? Why?

A. I started my YouTube channel, Daemiah Monaé, in the summer of 2017. Before starting my channel, I mainly shared my looks with my family and friends. They were the ones that encouraged me to create my channel to share my looks with a larger community.

At first, I was scared and anxious about launching my channel. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to build a following or attain any PR opportunities. I also didn’t have a clue about the editing process for videos. I had to figure out the filming and editing process entirely on my own. It’s time consuming! Makeup influencers spend hours editing and cutting their videos, so that they’re perfect. After learning the process for myself, I had a newfound appreciation for other larger makeup influencers who were putting out videos multiple times per week.

Building my following as a makeup influencer hasn’t been as difficult as I initially thought. Across the platforms I use, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, I have gained a decent following as a micro influencer. One thing I learned is that consistency is key when it comes to building a community. As a makeup influencer, I hope that my platforms grow larger and I’m able to share my creativity with more people.

Q. What is your favorite type of makeup to do? 

A. I enjoy doing all types of makeup. My YouTube channel and other platforms showcase several of my makeup looks from soft glam all the way to special effects. If I had to pick, my favorite type of makeup to do is special effects. Special effects makeup gives the artist full creative control and has allowed me to set myself apart from the thousands of other makeup influencers out there. Every makeup artist and influencer has the skillset to do soft and full glam makeup looks, as well as editorial makeup looks, but not every influencer is able to execute special effects makeup well. When I discovered I had the talent to do special effects makeup, I wanted to build on it.

Q. Have you been able to secure any PR opportunities?

A. When I first launched my platforms, I was worried about whether or not companies would reach out to me for PR opportunities. For those that don’t know, PR opportunities are a way for makeup influencers to get free makeup in exchange for giving that company free publicity. That typically includes reviewing the products on my YouTube channel or simply creating looks to post on Instagram or Twitter using the products.

After about one year, I received my first PR opportunity during the summer of 2018. Since then, my platform and makeup skills have grown tremendously. Now, I have secured six new PR opportunities for 2019 that I am excited to share on my platform soon.

Securing PR opportunities can be daunting, especially if you’re an up-and-coming makeup influencer without a super large following. My advice to other aspiring makeup influencers is to reach out to different brands; don’t wait for them to reach out to you. Sometimes in life if you want something, you just have to go for it. I reached out to several brands via email — around 30 — and received eight offers just from that. Also, consistently posting your looks on Twitter or Instagram and tagging the brands is a great way to get on their PR lists.

Q. Besides YouTube, what are some other ways you have put yourself out there as a makeup influencer?

A. Besides YouTube, I mainly share my makeup looks on Twitter and in the Facebook makeup pages. Twitter is one of the easiest ways to get brands to notice you and they actually do a lot of their PR list searches via Twitter hashtags. Since I am currently in college, I offer free makeup sessions to my friends and other Baylor students willing to let me practice on their faces.

As a makeup influencer, no one platform is more important than the other. If you’re thinking about joining the world of being a makeup influencer, share your looks across all platforms.

Q. What is one piece of advice you would give to other aspiring makeup influencers?

A. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everybody does makeup differently and you’re on your own timeline.

We’ve all heard that cliché saying that comparison is the thief of joy. In the world of makeup influencing, comparing yourself to other artists and influencers is going to do nothing but bring you down. You’re going to move at your own pace and your skillset is going to grow at its own pace. When the right time comes along you will have the PR opportunities and your following will grow, so until then, keep being consistent.

Becoming a makeup influencer is a commitment of both time and energy. The dedication that both micro and macro makeup influencers put into their craft is amazing. Although Daemiah may not have amassed the millions of followers quite yet, she is definitely heading in that direction. If you want to see more of her creative and unique makeup looks, be sure to check out her social media, which I will have linked below.

Twitter: @DaeMakeup

Instagram: @makeupbydaemiah

YouTube: Daemiah Monaé

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