Sometimes you just need to make a few changes to take on a completely new look. (Image via Pixabay)

How Celebrities Look Like a New Person Every Day

You don’t have to have a team of fashion advisors and stylists if you want to change your look like big-time celebrities.

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Sometimes you just need to make a few changes to take on a completely new look. (Image via Pixabay)

You don’t have to have a team of fashion advisors and stylists if you want to change your look like big-time celebrities.

We see many celebrities in a new look every few weeks. They look like an entirely new person, but still looking good. How do they do this? Obvious answer: They have the best fashion advisors and stylists to help them pull off each look.

What about you though? If you also want to try new appearances, rest assured you don’t need an expensive fashion counselor for that. All you need is a common sense of fashion and confidence. Here are some of things that celebrities do to transform into an entirely new person every time they want to put on a new look — follow these tips and you can do the same.

Don’t Stick to What’s Comfortable

Most people just stick with the only style that they know doesn’t look bad on them. A lot of us are too lazy to try anything new. If you want to reinvent yourself, you need to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t go by what’s accepted — try new things.

Maybe you just know the one look that you think looks good on you, but maybe there is a new style that looks even better. You don’t have to be Johnny Depp to be handsome — just be the best version of yourself. To find that best version of yourself, you will probably have to try a few different getups. Stop worrying about what others will think, and keep changing until you find what’s best for you.

Try New Hair Styles

Hair plays an important role in building your personality. Most people wear only one hairstyle for years at a time. We try styles that are easily maintainable and don’t require much effort, but one different hairstyle can transform your whole appearance and make you look like a new person. I’m not exaggerating.

If you want a new look, you have to change your hairstyle. Some people look better bald than with a full head of hair, so don’t be afraid of experimenting. One example is Dwayne Johnson — see his pictures when he had hair versus his new bald look. You will see the difference for yourself.

Try long hair, medium-length hair and short hair. A medium-length haircut is probably the best in this case because you can make several different hairstyles with them. If you want something easy, change the side where you style your hair; it also makes a noteworthy difference.

Use Different Glasses Frames

The people who wear glasses every day — ever seen them without glasses? They look like a totally different person. Same goes if you just change the frame. Even if you have perfect eyesight, consider adding glasses to your look. If you work on computers, you should know that glasses are important to keep your eyesight safe; that’s a good enough reason to start wearing them. Go to to see one of the most extensive collections of all types of glasses available on discounts. Get different kinds of pairs to try on different days, but make sure the pair you buy matches your face type.

Different Facial Hair Styles

If you are a man and have facial hair, it’s an opportunity for you. Many men don’t experiment with their facial hair and keep the same old thing for decades. Why not groom them in different styles to bring a new personality out of you?

You can go clean shave, have a full beard, or just keep the mustache. Various sizes and styles of mustaches and beards give you a totally new look. Try combos of different hairstyles with different styles of facial hair and people might not be able to recognize you at first glance. For example, long tied hair with a long beard gives you an attractive rough look.

Diversify Your Wardrobe

People who look good and feel comfortable in T-shirts are rarely seen in any other clothes. If you also wear the same type of clothes, then you can say goodbye to bringing out a new getup. Next time you go shopping, buy something new that you have never tried before. Fill your wardrobe with different styles and colors. A great trick is to copy others. Of course, not everyone has that creative designer’s fashion sense, so follow different celebrities and people around you that know what they are doing. You don’t have to look exactly like them, but use them as an inspiration for your new wardrobe.

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