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Somebody’s feeling 22.

I don’t know about you, but Zendaya’s feeling 22. 

Just eight years ago, all the way back in 2010, Zendaya Coleman was selected to star in the new Disney Channel television series titled “Shake it Up,” alongside Bella Thorne. The plot followed a pair of talented young dancers, played by Coleman and Thorne, as they navigated their way through their teenage years and all the struggles that follow.

Coleman’s character was named Rocky Blue, and she was your typical responsible, straight-A student with perfect attendance, who was also tangentially an extremely skilled dancer. This gig launched Zendaya’s career, setting her on the path to become the widely known actress, singer, dancer and fashion icon we know today. 

Zendaya then skyrocketed into the entertainment industry, dazzling viewers with her performances on the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” and making appearances on multiple other TV shows. She dabbled in the music world, releasing a self-titled album in addition to collaborating on projects with other artists. The multi-talent has starred in music videos, including the one for “Versace on the Floor,” a classic, serenade-ready Bruno Mars ballad.

And while she was at it, Zendaya also found her place in Hollywood. She took on the role of “MJ,” the modern day, spunky and cool Mary Jane in Marvel’s Spider-man franchise. The singer/dancer extraordinaire played a large role in “The Greatest Showman,” a musical film featuring an especially noteworthy duet between Zendaya and Zac Efron titled “Rewrite the Stars,” which they performed while on a flying trapeze. 

Not only has Zendaya shone at every single endeavor she has pursued, but she has also emerged as a relatable role model for young women from all walks of life. Her vibrant personality and willingness to engage with fans on twitter and snapchat showcase her genuine and down-to-earth nature. Yes, she is a famous, talented woman, but when it all comes down to it, she’s just another girl who loves jamming to some Beyonce in the car.

Here are some Twitter users who join us in wishing Zendaya a happy birthday.

Her “The Greatest Showman” co-star and circus duet partner, Zac Efron, wished her well on her special day, posting a picture of him in a curly blonde wig standing with Zendaya, who was model status as per usual.

Cynthia Erivo, the Broadway star who made her stunning debut on “The Color Purple,” made sure to let Zendaya know that friends and fans in another time zone were still celebrating her birthday.

Fans all around the world expressed their love for Zendaya on her special day, showering her with posts full of meaningful messages and goofy pictures. 

Happy birthday, Zendaya!

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