Sex dolls have sparked concerns about the rights of sex workers, as well as how the robots might affect sexual tendencies. (Image via Lumidolls)

The Growing Phenomenon of Sex Doll Brothels

Move over, C-3PO, mankind has a new favorite robot.

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Sex dolls have sparked concerns about the rights of sex workers, as well as how the robots might affect sexual tendencies. (Image via Lumidolls)

Move over, C-3PO, mankind has a new favorite robot.

In the era of technology, people have long ago started creating robots. These machines can not only cook dinner or perform surgery, but now they can also satisfy humans sexually.

At the moment there are many realistic sex dolls that can laugh at jokes and answer simple questions, but not all of them are available in the sex shops.

Because the original sex dolls cost up to $6,000, people started opening sex doll brothels for men who want to try new sensations.

One of the most famous sex doll brothels in the world is located in Dortmund, Germany, and was founded by Evelyn Schwarz in 2017. Schwarz was a sex worker before starting the business, and she has affirmed that the practice is healthy for men and safer for women.

Schwarz also mentioned that sometimes the men’s wives are waiting for their husbands outside; the women know perfectly well what’s going on behind the door, but neither take it seriously nor consider it cheating.

Schwarz remembers critics laughing at her business idea, but now she has a significant number of clients who pay 50 euros for 30 minutes and 80 euros for one hour. One of the most expensive brothels in the world is located in Canada, and the owners there charge their clients $120 for an hour.

She explains that men can make their sexual fantasies real only with dolls, as the dolls have no limitations and will never tell the client that they are not in the mood. According to Evelyn, a lot of her clients are coming back for more.

For sanitation, dolls are disinfected after every client and are re-clothed. There are also specific rules that clients must follow when it comes to treating the dolls, such as no biting, scratching or making extra holes.

Nowadays there are sex dolls brothels in 12 countries of the world. The trend of making love to dolls started in Japan, and the Asian country has continued to lead the industry since its inception. In fact, there are several cases of Japanese men dating their sex dolls. Others buy presents for their silicone partners and take them for walks in wheelchairs. These men feel emotionally attached to their dolls, so they don’t want to cheat, because they believe that every doll has a personality.

The idea of having a silicone girlfriend was banned in some countries. For example, it is not allowed to open sex doll brothels in China, but men can rent a sex doll by paying $45 per day and a refundable deposit of around $1,200. At the moment, authorities are trying to shut it down.

The concept of sex doll brothels has already been criticized by the Association of Sex Professionals in Barcelona. They believe that robots will replace female workers in the future, because the concept keeps getting more popular.

However, doll-makers don’t want to stop. They want to create sex robots that will be able to behave like humans.

The creators believe that making realistic sex dolls can solve the problems of human trafficking, prostitution and violence against women. However, it also raises concern that people will avoid marital commitment once this kind of substitute is available on the mass market.

The question about the growing number of sex doll brothels remains open. There are no statistics regarding the demand for this kind of a product, so it is difficult to answer whether it is merely a trend or the beginning of a new era of human sexuality.

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