roulette wheel in article about using mathematics to determine gambling odds
Knowing probability is just going to help you. (Image via Pixabay)

Increased Gamble Winnings With the Help of Mathematics

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roulette wheel in article about using mathematics to determine gambling odds
Knowing probability is just going to help you. (Image via Pixabay)

Hope you paid attention in class.

Games of chance are a beloved way of entertainment for people around the world. Many of us are fans of poker, roulette, blackjack or online game cards such as this online solitaire game, as well as the widely-renowned game of slots. All these games provide thrills because the possibility of winning massive amounts of money can happen with a pack of cards or a favorable result in a sports event.

However, experienced punters are aware that gambling doesn’t only rely on luck, but also on particular math calculations. Over the years, many have tried to elucidate the connection between mathematics and gambling and how it could give the players an advantage on certain casino games.

Mathematics in Slots’ Mechanics

The chance of winning in slots is called “Return to Player” or RTP, for short. Leading developers like NetEnt and Microgaming have some of the highest RTP, usually higher than 95%. That means the player will receive 95% and the casino sill obtain 5% from every bet placed. As an example, throughout a long session, the game needs to return 0.95 of a credit’s value or every dollar of all bets as a whole. Occasionally, the slots bring plentiful winnings and the casino is losing, but then it returns the money over the course of other sessions by means of its mathematics.

Choose Slot Games with High Rates

All the games with an RTP higher than 95% are suitable for gambling, but you should be looking for the ones with 96-98%. A wide number of online casinos collaborate with the top game developers with superior RTP and also offer impressive slots bonuses that you can find on this page.

There are two paths the “return to player” can go:

  • A high return rate of 97% and low dispersion will offer small winnings, regularly;
  • A return rate of 94% and high dispersion may leave you without winning for some time, but bring a very generous winning as a reward for your effort.

Volatility and Dispersion

Dispersion and volatility are equivalent terms, denoting the risk of a certain game. The dispersion influences the risk a particular slot possesses and if it is high, the game will be risky. When low, the slot has a smaller chance for losses.

It is important to understand that a small number of casino software developers release such data to the players; sometimes it can be accessed, but most of the time it is hidden. Depending on the type of gambler, how favorable the slots seem may vary.

Math Methods and Casino Games

Throughout the years, some general methods have been acquired and have proven their functionality while using mathematical expertise. A part of them seems to be based on the probability and prediction of events, but the intriguing and interesting part is that they are based on extensive math calculations. Within the next paragraphs, you will find some well-known and widely used strategies, in order to take some calculated risks on different casino games, including roulette, poker, blackjack and others.

Probability Model

The probability model is usually used in games like craps and roulette, where the possibility of winning relies on the total number of the dices thrown, or, in roulette, which number will hit. Here, the calculations concern the final outcome on the next roll of the dice. For example, if each dice has numbers from 1 to 6 and you know the number of dices thrown, you can make some predictions on your chances by guessing what the numbers would be.

Let’s take a simple game, such as roulette, as another example. The “standard deviation” can be calculated with the aid of the “binomial distribution” formula, √npq:

  • n” refers to the total of rounds played
  • p” is the winning probability
  • q” stands for the possibility of losing

Even if it may seem like a simple calculation, keep in mind that if the number of rounds increases, the foreseen loss might exceed the standard deviation many times, leading to the impossibility of a long-term prediction.

Cards Counting

This method is frequently identified as unethical or a cheating technique, but in some casino games, it can offer quite an advantage. Making some prediction is possible as long as you know the cards that are being dealt with and the pair of cards in your hand.

Many experienced players know this technique and have succeeded in achieving great results. It takes time and practice. Strict observation of your opponents’ cards shall help you predict your chances and thus help you make better choices in the game.


In casino games, timing is crucial. Take Video Poker progressive jackpots, for instance. Most of the time when you play, the odds will favor the house. However, with the perfect timing, the jackpot will be large enough that you can get a small edge (<1%). This means that it is advantageous to play every hand while trying to hit the progressive. The perfect example would be Huck Seed, who won more than $5.9 million in a Live Poker tournament back in 2011.

Final Words

In the end, the examples from above are a small part of the many ways you can use mathematical calculations in the gambling area. There are theories and gambling books that can help you thoroughly understand the possible use of mathematics in various casino games and methods that can be used to beat the odds. Gambling mathematics is essential, even fun for some people, but most of the punters will play and gamble regardless of the win/loss probability. Now that you have a start in this regard, you can quickly begin to build your skills for consistent winnings.

If you want to be one of the best online gambling masters, do not just count on pure luck.

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