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Technological Innovations in Casinos for GamStop Players

No matter the industry, there's always something new that's coming out.
March 31, 2022
6 mins read

Technology has a way of changing the way people interact with the world around them. With new innovations coming to market every day, every aspect of life will eventually be affected.

The one thing online gamblers tend to enjoy about technology is that it offers them the promise of new games and software platforms in the future. That’s why some problem gamblers are reluctant to seek help when they might be headed toward gambling addiction. They fear missing out on the next new innovations online casinos might be offering.

Here’s the good news for problem gamblers who do end up seeking help from the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. Should they have a change of heart about their online gambling and want to resume their online gambling activities, they won’t have to miss out on the new innovations. While blocked from licensed UK online gambling sites, they can still experience all of the new wonderful innovations through myriad non-GamStop alternatives.

As for these alternatives, they include non-GamStop casino sites not covered by the UK self-exclusion and listed at CasinoWise Non-GamStop Website. The sites listed here are both reputable and reliable. Also, they are run by operators that always have their fingers on the technological pulse of the online casino community.

Since the subject is technological innovations for the online gambling community, here is a look at what’s out there and what’s coming.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

For close to five years now, the UK online casino community has been slowly integrating cryptocurrency into its roster of viable banking methods. However, it’s only been in the last couple of years that the online gambling community has started truly embracing the concept of allowing online gamblers to maintain anonymity while using coins like Bitcoin to fund their online gambling activities.

Blockchain technology serves as the backbone of the crypto world. Crypto registries are decentralized strings of transaction records that are accumulated in a sequential chain (blockchain) with each transaction only identified by a transaction code. That’s where the anonymity comes from.

What’s really exciting is the other benefits blockchain could bring to the online casino community. Among these benefits are:

  • Game results can be tracked on a blockchain, giving online casinos total transparency for randomness and fairness
  • Running all casino transactions through a blockchain sequence offers a higher level of protection against scams and manipulation
  • With the anonymity provided by the blockchain registry, online gamblers can gamble in any jurisdiction without detection
  • With no middle man, deposit/withdrawals can be processed faster

Virtual Reality Casinos

The gaming industry embraced virtual reality (VR) technology long ago. In the process, they were able to take the gaming experience to another level of realism. Interestingly, the online casino community has only been involved with VR for about three years — and the long wait was worth it.

While the number of VR casinos and games is still somewhat limited, it’s growing. What online gamblers are ready to embrace is the experience of donning their VR googles for a stroll around a VR casino. There, they will get access to a full range of online casinos games, some of which are manned by VR dealers.

The VR technology is also being used to integrate gamblers right into video slots where they can participate in interactive features and control the action.

MetaVerse Casinos

The combination of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and VR has opened the door to a brand new concept for online gamblers. The metaverse casino concept is coming to fruition.

The metaverse casino concept allows online gamblers to create their own avatar and take themselves to the casino floor. There, they will be able to play VR games and interact with both dealers and other players. It’s this social interaction feature that holds the most intrigue.

Imagine for a moment that an online casino player creates their avatar, purchases gambling tokens with crypto, and starts walking the casino floor. The casino has been modeled after one of the top land-based casinos in the world. On the way to a roulette wheel, they get a chance to acknowledge other casino gamblers who are seeking out their favorite online casino game. Upon reaching the roulette table, it’s a greeting to the dealer, and the wheel starts to spin. Win or lose, it will be of little consequence. This will be an online gambling experience that no one will soon forget.

There are but a few of the innovations that have come or are coming to the online casino gambling community. It’s enough to create excitement for what might be coming next.

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