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Are Women Delusional When It Comes to Dating?

Are you rightfully picky or are your standards too high?
February 25, 2023
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Dating in this day and age can be challenging. Even though we have access to plenty of dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, it can still be difficult to find love or the perfect partner.

Some men think that women have their standards set too high. On dating apps, heterosexual men tend to feel as though they need to meet certain requirements in order to gain more matches. There’s the prevailing idea that men need to be a specific height, earn a high salary and be physically fit in order to be seen as desirable partners. 

With this in mind, consider the female delusion calculator. The anonymous developer of the 2021 quiz stated that according to his experience as a man dating in North America, he found that women have unrealistic expectations. While the men who fit those expectations are high-quality, and in high demand, they’re few and far between.  

Despite to the limited number of “high-quality” men, the creator states that as time goes on women’s standards don’t change, and they end up single because their expectations are too high. Statistics don’t lie, and they seem to indicate that there aren’t enough of these men to go around. 

“The Female Delusion Calculator is a tool that can help women discern what is realistic from what is highly unlikely,” he writes.

The calculator uses the 2020 Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) of the Current Population Survey by the US Census Bureau to create the results for income and marital status. In addition, it uses the 2017-2018 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey by the National Center for Health Statistics for height and BMI. The site combines the two data sources to give users their results. The differing outcomes of the quiz are based on women’s age, race, height, income, marital status and BMI preferences. 

An article by Men’s Health found that the ideal man is over six feet tall and weighs 187 pounds and that the most desirable skin tones are fair or medium. Regarding income, the sought-after median annual salary for men in 2022 was $59,488. 

Implementing these preferences across an age range between 18 and 40 and excluding those who are married, according to the calculator, the probability of getting a guy who fits these selections is 0.55%. It also provides a female delusion score of 4/5, which the calculator considers a “cat enthusiast.”

If we change the race preferences to none, input an average height and include those who are considered obese, the probability is still only 4.8%, and the calculator deems a woman with these preferences an “aspiring cat lady.” Though a bit higher than the previous result, it seems as though most selections result in low outcomes unless women change their physical preferences to below average.

The developer said that some of the limitations of the calculator are that it doesn’t consider the correlations between income, height or weight. He believes the results are not 100% accurate and that women should take them with a grain of salt, though they’re not “way off.” 

The calculator’s results may seem inaccurate since the data is somewhat outdated. The data has most likely changed since then, especially with inflation and COVID-19. If the creator updates some of the information, it will provide more accurate and less drastic results. 

Regardless, women’s preferences shouldn’t be perceived as “too high,” and they shouldn’t be seen as stereotypical cat ladies if their chances of getting the guy they want are low. There’s also more to choosing a partner than physical traits. Personality and emotional attraction play a huge role in dating as well. Straight women want more than just a guy who looks good and makes a lot of money. An in-person connection is essential, but the website does not take this into account. 

One critic of the website, Magdalene Taylor from Mel Magazine, said that the “web tool was used by bitter men as an objective measurement of how ‘delusional’ female dating standards are, it’s become a bizarre symbol of how little men really know about women.”  

When considering Taylor’s take, it’s interesting to see how the developer views dating as well as what some men may deem as female delusion. Though women may have standards that are considered unrealistic, everyone deserves to be with the partner they want. There are two sides of the coin when it comes to standards.

Overall, the chances of finding the partner you want shouldn’t be based solely on the female delusion calculator. There’s more to dating than online websites and apps, and real-life interactions play a crucial role in getting what you want. Continual self-improvement and the ability to provide a deep emotional connection is what women look for in their future partners. They also want someone who has integrity, sensitivity and intimacy. 

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