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Ariana Grande Fans Are Split Over Her Latest Engagement

The pop singer has a past full of rushed and rocky relationships. Is her new one moving too fast, or is happiness more important?
January 18, 2021
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In case you’ve been missing in action over the past month, Ariana Grande has joyously announced her engagement. Again. This time, Grande is engaged to a real estate agent named Dalton Gomez. Though the pair have been dating over the past year and claim to be in love, fans have many different reactions to the news. While most Arianators are extremely supportive of anything the singer does, there are a handful of fans that still think she’s moving too fast. Perhaps we can all take notes from Grande and do what makes us happy instead of caring what others think.

Grande and Gomez first met when the singer was looking for a “getaway house” outside of Los Angeles and enlisted the help of his real estate agency. Upon seeing what he looked like, she requested that her team set up an in-person meeting with him. The pair has been inseparable ever since. While it is uncertain exactly when they met, the couple is believed to have started dating in early January and made their first public cameo at a bar in February.

Unlike the other guys that Grande has dated, Gomez isn’t a member of the entertainment industry. Gomez is a real estate guru with extensive background knowledge in luxury estates and architecture. Despite lacking famous credentials, Gomez has done well for himself as a real estate agent and might be the low-key counterpart that Grande needs.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the pair have been quarantined together at Grande’s home in L.A. Spending close to a year in lockdown with another person can reveal a lot about a relationship. Fortunately, in this case, the couple has made it through the challenge of quarantine, possibly sparking the inspiration to get married.

On Dec. 21 of 2020, Grande announced their engagement with an Instagram carousel showcasing pictures of the happy couple cuddling in polaroid-style photos. The post included a photo of her ring and the caption, “forever n then some.” The picture announcing Grande’s engagement drew so much attention that it actually became one of Instagram’s most-liked photos of all time.


While many fans believe that Grande has found her perfect match, this is not the first time the pop star has been hot and heavy with a significant other. Grande previously dated Mac Miller in 2016 for a year and a half. They were known as the industry’s “it couple” before calling it quits in May of 2018. The pair split amicably and both spoke fondly of one another after the relationship ended.

In the same month that Grande and Miller broke up, the singer announced that she and comedian-actor Pete Davidson had started dating. In one of her most rushed relationships to date, Davidson and Grande announced their engagement after being together for only a few weeks. The fling was ultimately short-lived, and they were broken up by October of the same year.

The singer, despite having a strain of bad luck with relationships, is always forgiving and eager for her next adventure. Hopefully spending nearly a year with Gomez has given Grande a good idea of how their relationship will turn out. Still, some fans are skeptical of whether the engagement will last.

After news of the engagement broke, fans took to Twitter to express their opinions. Some individuals think the star is moving too fast or will repeat her history with Davidson. One person poked fun at the fact that this is her second engagement in two years. The Twitter user wrote, “Ariana grande collecting engagement rings like infinity stones.”

The opinions from naysayers on Twitter might mean very little, but sources close to the star have reportedly told media outlets that the engagement “was somewhat rushed” and have expressed their concerns. It’s not conclusive who the sources are, and the couple shouldn’t let these negative opinions ruin their relationship.

No matter what a person does, there will always be someone who disagrees, especially when it comes to celebrities. Thankfully, Grande has an enormous number of fans that defend everything she does. Arianators have sent an outpouring of support to the star. One fan wrote, “Stop hating on Ariana bc of her engagement, she does whatever she wants and let her be happy for once.”

Grande’s ex, Davidson, allegedly shared some nice words about the news. According to Hollywoodlife.com, a source claims that Davidson is “really happy for her” and “congratulates her on the next chapter.” Similarly, Grande’s mom, Joan, tweeted, “I am so excited to welcome Dalton Gomez into our family! Ariana, I love you and Dalton so much!!!! Here’s to happily ever after.” The heartwarming sentiment posted by her mom is a promising and hopeful message for their future. I mean, if your mom and ex can be happy for you, what else could stop you?

The more recent gripes from Grande-stan Twitter come from users who are upset that companies are replicating her ring. Gomez designed the unique ring given to Grande and even used the pearl from her late grandfather’s tie pin.

Arianators have slammed major companies for selling replicas of the sentimental gem. The ring is valued at more than $150,000, but the price tag is the least eye-catching thing about its interesting design. The pearl and diamond engagement ring is very nontraditional; hopefully, like the ring, their love will break the pattern of Grande’s previous relationships.

Grande’s news comes on the eve of her Netflix documentary premiere of “Ariana Grande: Excuse me, I love you.” The movie follows the singer on her “Sweetener” tour and showcases parts of her concerts and other details of her performances. The pop star also recently dropped a new album, “Positions,” and several of the songs are speculated to be about Gomez. When you’ve made it on to an Ariana Grande album, you know you’ve won a special place in her heart.

Between her Netflix film and latest studio album release, Grande has had her hands full with more than just an engagement ring. Having a person to celebrate these wins with makes them even more special. According to sources, Gomez is extremely supportive of Grande and goes above and beyond to meet her needs.

Finding the right person isn’t always an easy task, but one that definitely comes with a lot of trial and error. Like Grande, her fans (and nonfans) can learn one major lesson from her engagement: Don’t mind what others think, and do what makes you happy.

Though 2020 was arguably one of the most hectic times for many Americans, Grande announcing her engagement near the end of December is a sweet way to end the year. Hopefully, the pair can continue to stay out of the spotlight and enjoy this wonderful time in their relationship.

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