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Make sure you don't burn out. (Image via Pixabay)

School is important, but make sure you don’t neglect your personal life.

One of the most important lessons to learn as a student is to balance the books. If we are constantly in the red and in negative figures, we know that we have a problem and have to rectify something in order to fix it.

The same is true of our study-life balance. If we are constantly in the red when it comes to the rest of our lives, we are more likely to suffer from burnout and eventually do worse in whatever personal metric we want to evaluate. As much as balancing your finances is important, balancing the books in your personal life is equally so. How can you juggle your studying to ensure you have time for your personal life?

1. Schedule Your Time

The first step to ensure you maintain an adequate personal life is finding ways to carve out the time for one. Setting goals you need to achieve in your studies could help with this as it allows you to schedule what you need to do and when — making sure you also schedule the free time in. Plotting out your weeks not only ensures you feel on top of everything, but it means that you’ll feel more organized and will have something planned to look forward to between studying. Knowing you only have a limited time for studying will help you be more efficient with it.

2. Dating Doesn’t Have to Be Physical

It’s important to meet people and date, if you want to, and studying excessively shouldn’t get in the way of your personal life. But, if you do have a packed schedule, there are still ways in which you can maintain a healthy dating life with the powers of modern technology. Instead of going out, you could opt to talk more online and via text first – there are even ways that you can have a date without leaving either of your homes. You could also filter out anyone you might not want to properly date at this stage, which saves time later.

3. Video Date to Save Time  

For those wondering how to have a video date, it couldn’t be easier. Not only does it allow you to see if you have chemistry with someone beyond the text phase, but it can help you isolate more suitable dating matches. You can still wear something you feel confident in and perhaps plan some conversation topics, but you’ll be on your home turf, so would have that advantage. It also doesn’t have to last as long as a date in person, but can still have the same degree of quality. Some people are even doing traditional date activities, like cooking, with one another via video chat.   

Fitting in a personal life with studying can be difficult, but it is important in order to have a well-rounded life. Doing so will actually help your studies and give you a much-needed reprieve. There are many ways to ensure you have a good study-life balance and fit in things you want to do, such as dating. Neglecting your personal life for your studies could be detrimental to your health — while striking a study-life balance can help you be more focused when you do have to focus on your classes.

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