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Download Videos From YouTube Playlists Online For Free

Can’t find a way to download YouTube videos in one go? Try these free online YouTube converters to save the clips that you want.

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someone watching YouTube on a tablet

Can’t find a way to download YouTube videos in one go? Try these free online YouTube converters to save the clips that you want.

Listening to songs and watching videos without ads is what we all want, but it’s never going to happen if we keep playing them online. The only way to avoid location-based ads is to download and watch the videos offline. It’s not easy either because the video-sharing platforms don’t allow saving videos directly due to copyright issues. You’ll need the support of a third-party tool to download them; here are three online converters that can benefit you in several ways.

1. is on the top of the list because of its capabilities and very fast conversion speed. It’s a platform that allows you to search for YouTube videos, convert them or download them directly. It provides four different conversion formats, namely MP4, MP3, WAV and OGG. But you can do more if you head to the download section after giving the link to the YouTube video or clicking on the convert button. What else can it do for you? Let’s see:

  • It can change the format of videos.
  • It has a video cutter that can pull out your favorite scene from the clip.
  • It can convert videos to MP3, which is a number one choice of music lovers.
  • It offers a premium subscription if you’re a regular downloader of videos.
  • It enables you to search for YouTube videos on its platform.

These were just some benefits, but there’s more you can do with YouTube videos. You can download their thumbnails, save the video in a GIF format, and download tracks at your required bit rate. It no doubt has variety and offers a number of features that one can like, but every good service provider either has a price or a limit in place. You definitely can download videos, convert them or extract music from them, but you’ll need to stay within a limit.

What Type of Limits?

Well, you cannot exceed the download limits set by them, and you cannot download videos that are longer than 30 minutes. YouTube to mp3 downloaders mostly use this platform to convert music videos and gather sound FX, so the duration is not significant. On the other hand, the download limit can be a problem for people who download several videos. allows you to download five videos a day, and you’ll need to register yourself on the site, which is free.

How Can Premium Support The Users?

You can opt for premium for as low as $9.99 per month, and the limit on downloads will be erased. You’ll be able to add text to GIF images, change their font size, color and even position it. There will be no limit on the duration of the videos, and the download links won’t expire for 24 hours. If your download requirement exceeds their set limit, then maybe you should consider going for their premium option.

2. Evano

Evano is more of a video editor than a direct video downloader, and that’s what makes it one of a kind. It allows you to change the format, extension and even its preferences. So, if you’re someone who likes to edit videos, you should try this out because you’ll be able to:

  • Change Video Settings

It includes codec, frame rate (constant or variable), quality and dimensions. You can play around with these options to understand how they work and if they give you the quality you need or not. Once you have provided the link to the video or uploaded it, you’ll be able to select the format you wish to convert it into and then choose your desired settings. This option becomes available after you have selected the format you want to convert the clip into.

  • Change Audio Settings

This specific tab is located right next to video settings, and you’ll be able to change the codec, bitrate, select a different audio channel (depending on the requirement), frequency and decibels. You can edit the audio of a video before downloading it, and it saves a bunch of video editors time.

Evano also has a limit on downloads because of the features it has to offer. You’ll need to go for its premium option if you want to edit or download more than five videos a day. But its premium is definitely worth a shot. Any video editor would find its features amazing as the settings options can save them from editing the clips after downloading them.


 It offers services similar to Ontiva, but doesn’t provide the same number of formats to convert the video or audio. You can save your favorite parts of the video after cutting them with the help of a video cutter or save their thumbnail. You can also search for your favorite videos right on its main page and download them with one click, but the limit is still there.

You cannot do much with this site, but you can for sure convert YouTube videos to MP3. It offers:

  • A Better Resolution

If you register yourself on the website, you’ll be able to download YouTube videos in HD resolution. The download limit will stop you from saving more than five videos a day and 20 a month if you don’t subscribe. This site is a choice of people who only listen to music and need the files in Mp3 format, but if compared to Ontiva, it doesn’t do a very remarkable job.

  • Good Quality Mp3

You can download MP3s with a bitrate of up to 320 kbps. Music enthusiasts prefer the highest bitrate possible because the audio quality reaches its maximum that way. Otherwise, there’s a slight loss of information in the file and the change in sound quality becomes quite noticeable. In short, the higher the bitrate, the better the sound quality.

It all ends here; now, it is up to you which platform you wish to go with. Many would say Ontiva, but it is your choice to make because Evano is suitable for video editors, and Ontiva for YouTube playlist downloaders.

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