virtual reality casinos
Are the days of the brick-and-mortar casino numbered? (Photo by Adrian Deweerdt on Unsplash)

The Advantages and Possibilities of Virtual Reality Casinos

It’s a brave new world out there.

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virtual reality casinos
Are the days of the brick-and-mortar casino numbered? (Photo by Adrian Deweerdt on Unsplash)

It’s a brave new world out there.

Discerning gamblers are often jaded with conventional online betting. Fortunately, you do not need to travel across the United States or Canada or even abroad to expand your opportunities and enjoy gambling sessions to the max. Visit the online casino sites that allow customers to play in virtual reality — and it will make you reconsider your attitude to making stakes. The innovative technology immerses the clients in a colorful world of dreams and helps them to disconnect from the routine. Here are some details about the forward-thinking format and a brief outline of how it works.

What Makes a Virtual Reality Casino So Special

Live casino sites allow customers to watch dealers streaming live, but they remain aware of the distance between themselves and the game table. In VR format, the player is transferred to a make-believe casino. You turn your head and fail to see your casual room around you. Instead, you see an ice cave, the top floor of a skyscraper or a palace. It is impossible to visually tell the difference between reality and illusion — but you fail to touch an object.

Customers who have tried this format once characterize it as “the best,” “wonderful” and “promising.” Players who crave new impressions and emotions do not need to visit a brick-and-mortar venue. Neither do they need to put up with the everyday interior of their house. They put on a headset, push the relevant buttons and immediately relocate to a virtual venue.

There is a difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. The former suggests creating an imaginary world from scratch. A headset can transfer you to another planet, in the middle of the forest or to a medieval castle. The latter is focused on adding extra elements to a real environment. The famous Pokemon Go game serves as an illustrative example of the augmented reality approach.

AR can offer numerous exciting solutions to casino sites. A project might rent a physical space, place tables and hire dealers. The dealers stream live in augmented reality. The clients see not the plain walls and tables but the lavish decorations and special effects. The administration can hang cages with fire-breathing dragons from the ceiling or turn the dealers into centaurs and mermaids — the details depend exclusively on the concept and budget of the project.

The Law Behind the Virtual Reality Projects

Virtual reality casino sites are regulated by the same authorities that regulate the more conventional casinos. However, certain laws are VR-specific. In brick-and-mortar venues, you would hardly see a clock or a window into the outside world. In a virtual reality environment, this is illegal. To prevent people from getting lost in a make-believe world, the administration puts a clock in every room.

Just as their conventional counterparts, VR casino sites need to be licensed and encrypt the confidential data of their users. Authorities should design new standards of responsible gambling for this technology.

A Brief History and Perspectives of VR Gambling

The first virtual reality casino was launched in 2015. This was an innovative and exotic format, and we witnessed the humble beginning of a great venture.

To gamble in VR, one needs to purchase or rent a costly virtual reality headset. We should wait for developers to make this technology affordable and accessible to the large public — at which point, the VR casino sites would explode, comparable to mobile gambling.

Experts avoid attempting to forecast the impact of the innovation on the traditional offline and online venues: Will it lead to their extinction or will they exist side by side?

What Does One Need to Get Started

To place bets on VR casino sites, purchase a VR headset and connect it to your computer. The headset disconnects the gamer from the real world and immerses them into the ambiance of a digital venue. This gadget performs two functions: it reproduces sounds through the speakers and shows highly realistic visuals. One’s connection to the internet should be stable. 5G is the recommended option.

The headset connects not to any random gaming platform but strictly to those compatible with this format. To undergo the important transformation, a venue needs to invest in the corresponding technology and teach their staff to operate in a new environment.

The assortment of VR Entertainment

Any game can be converted into the VR format. The developers can easily modify the level of realism: When playing roulette, you might observe the process from the ball’s perspective or turn into a tiny fly on the wall, looking at a giant ball. It is possible to convert sports bets, shooters, RPGs and other types of entertainment to this format too. Casino sites might become multi-faceted platforms with remarkably diverse attractions.

What Do Slots Look Like in VR

The innovative technology eliminates the creative borders of software developers. It is possible to recreate a conventional slot machine for VR casino sites: The customers push the buttons to put the reels in motion. In theory, clients can control the machines with their voice, gestures or body movements. The providers need to analyze the expectations and preferences of their audience to understand which innovation will enjoy the highest demand.

It is possible to modify the artificial reality so that a person finds themselves inside the slot: 3D gold bars, gems and treasure chests would be falling down from the sky, ancient gods would be inviting lucky players to intricate bonus levels and extremely realistic sea waves would be splashing around a pirate ship. This would depend on the audience’s wishes and the investments in the sphere.

It is difficult to foresee the future evolution of the conventional slots format. It might become much more immersive and impressive, up to fully losing its connection with the old school “fruit machines” with three reels and three rows.

How to Play Blackjack in Virtual Reality

This is one of the most popular casino card games, so it was among the first ones to be converted into the virtual reality format on numerous casino sites. The process looks and feels as if playing blackjack in real life — with the sole exception that you can not touch the cards. The rules remain identical to the standard version of the game.

Peculiarities of VR Poker

In poker, one competes against the computer or against players. If you opt for the latter, you would see your partners sitting around the VR table. However, this is not a true-to-life projection of each individual. You might be sitting in your bedroom, dressed in pajamas. But the visitors of digital casino sites would see a well-groomed avatar that you select to reflect your personality.


After you purchase a headset and find a trusted one among the numerous VR casino sites, you will enjoy an unparalleled gambling experience. Before investing in the gear, get in touch with the customer support of the selected project and ask them whether the device you chose is compatible with their platform. It is hard to foresee how drastically this technology would impact the gambling industry — it seems that we are witnessing the beginning of a large-scale revolution.

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