Sick of Gambling with Money? Try a Bitcoin Casino
Using Bitcoin allows you to gamble like you love, but without getting traditional money involved. (Image via Pixabay)

Sick of Gambling with Money? Try a Bitcoin Casino

A new type of gambling allows you to use Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, to play from the comfort of your home.

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Sick of Gambling with Money? Try a Bitcoin Casino

A new type of gambling allows you to use Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, to play from the comfort of your home. is a new Bitcoin casino that welcomes player from the U.S. and facilitates both deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin.

In addition to a diverse game selection, this casino is known for lucrative bonuses, and industry insiders are expecting to soon expand their player rewards with loyalty points.

What Are Loyalty Points?

Loyalty points are a means of tracking how active a gambler is at a particular online casino. Loyalty points are often referred to as a currency, because casino members can use them to “purchase” bonus dollars and so forth.

Online casinos usually let members have a pool of points that can build up and doesn’t expire as long as the player remains active. The player can then spend the points on what they want once they’ve collected enough. Points are generally earned for all real money wagers at the casino, and fractional amounts are usually supported.

What’s in It for the Player?

Loyalty programs let you maximize your bankroll.

Think of it as a rebate. If a casino offers 10 cents on every dollar, then your $50 bankroll is actually worth $55. The bottom line is that the extra $5 is shifting the odds in your favor.

The other advantage is that it lets you stay put at an online casino you enjoy.

What’s in It for

All casinos provide perks. In Las Vegas, casino may offer airline tickets, hotel accommodations and drinks. Online casinos lack those options so they offer comp points instead.

The value here is loyalty. If you have $100 to gamble each week, wants to ensure that you gamble all of it with them, and a loyalty program is a great way to make sure that happens.

What Will the Program Entail?

As of this writing, has not yet publicly announced the details of its loyalty program.

We can, however, make several presumptions based on how most online casinos handle loyalty, and based on the bonuses and other promotions that currently offers.

Loyalty Points

The approach will almost certainly employ some form of loyalty points or LPs. Some online casinos call them comp points or frequent player points, but they all amount to the same idea: A loyalty currency that players can convert into bonus cash, merchandise and other opportunities.

VIP Tiering will likely have some form of tiering as well. This is often called a VIP program or club. As you accrue more LPs, you reach higher VIP tiers.

Many online casinos use tiers like Bronze, Gold, Silver and Platinum. Each higher tier offers the player additional perks. A Silver player, for instance, may earn LPs at a faster rate than a Bronze player, and a Gold player may be able to convert LPs into bonus cash at a more favorable rate than Silver does.

Exclusive Perks

Bonuses and promotions that are exclusively available to members can be expected as well. Other online casinos offer their loyalty members many different perks, including free spins, freeroll tournaments, raffle tickets, reload bonuses and so forth.

Don’t be surprised if your VIP level applies here as well. The reload bonus for a Silver member any given week would likely be more lucrative than the one offered to Bronze or may possibly be usable more times or both.

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