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Alternatives That Show Talent Besides Resumes

Sure, they're the more traditional way to apply for a job, but they can make the application process very mundane. Here are some possible alternatives.
July 19, 2022
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Making a resume is an example of conforming in society. They’re a life template. A resume is a document that shows you’ve taken the steps you need to apply for a job. This document shows the experiences, skills, education and training you’ve received. The employer can then decide whether an individual is qualified for the position. But resumes are boring, and I don’t think people enjoy reading through hundreds of resumes a day. Here are some alternatives to resumes that can better express and demonstrate an individual’s talents.

Audition Tape

Aspiring actors have it tough in this world. It’s hard to get discovered anywhere and the entertainment industry is very cutthroat and competitive. Directors and producers have very high expectations. If an individual wanted to audition for a role in a movie, television show or theater production, one way they could do this is by submitting an audition tape. An audition tape could include a person performing a monologue from a play or movie. This can demonstrate one’s ability to act. Casting directors can glean information from the audition tape and decide whether that person is suitable for the role they’re auditioning for. Audition tapes are visual and include audio, which is much more helpful than just a resume. A person’s talent and acting ability often speak for themselves.

Artist Portfolio

This is more relevant if someone is applying to art school. Yes, a resume is important, but having actual copies of the artwork someone has created is also helpful. If an art student wanted to apply for art school, it would be strongly encouraged that they have a portfolio of the paintings, drawings or sculptures that they’ve done. This tangible evidence is very helpful for the admission counselors who decide which students get accepted into prestigious art schools.


Another alternative to a resume is a website. Creating a website is a great way to build your personal brand. Personal branding is important these days because it gives a competitive advantage over others. Creating websites can be free and there are plenty of resources for people looking to create their own web content. Personalizing your website demonstrates your personality, character, values and perspective about life and work. Those are aspects that employers are interested in.

Video Clip

This is somewhat like an audition tape, but if someone is applying to be an animator at a company such as Disney, the individual would probably want to show them their animation skills through videos they’ve created. There are many different components to animation, which include sketching, sound, special effects and other video editing skills. If I were an employer for an animation company, I’d want to see the candidate’s video editing skills and their artistic talent.

In conclusion, there is no single right or wrong way to apply for a job. In this rapidly-changing world we live in, certain hiring practices may become obsolete. People are starting to realize that new technologies must enter the scene, and that new jobs are being created every day. The job market is constantly changing, and new talents are also being developed. We must adapt to new jobs and talents being created. Adapting includes changing the job application process to recruit the most talented, innovative Americans in the workplace.

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