Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Group, is one of the most iconic billionaires of all time (Image via Flickr)

Study Topics More Likely to Make You a Billionaire

These careers are the most likely, statistically speaking, to help you become a billionaire.

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These careers are the most likely, statistically speaking, to help you become a billionaire.

Getting motivated to study can often be hard work in itself, and students sometimes ask themselves the question – why bother? One of the best ways to psyche yourself up into putting in the effort and knuckling down is to look at other normal people who have made obscene amounts of money through hard work.

Take a look at the likes of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who is now worth over $61 billion, or founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson who is worth around $5 billion. These people made their fortunes through grit and determination. So what can you study that will increase your chances of joining this elite group of billionaires?

Engineering Popular Among Billionaires

While Zuckerberg’s success is astonishing, there are few billionaires who make so much money in such a short space of time. Lord Alan Sugar who started Amstrad for instance, took 44 years to make his first billion. In fact, according to Betway, the average age at which people become billionaires is 51, while the average for the first million is 37. This should give some hope to people still in their twenties.

But what are the best industries to get into to achieve this kind of financial success? There has been research into that as well. 100 billionaires were used in the study, and the most studied degree among them was engineering – 23 of the billionaires studied a topic in the field. Economics or business were among the second most popular choices.

The Tech Industry Is Thriving

The best industry to get into if you want to join the highly exclusive club of the 2,124 billionaires in the world is technology. This is where the leap from millionaire to billionaire has been quickest, with the average being 7.3 years. Microsoft creator Bill Gates went from being a millionaire at the age of 26, to a billionaire five years later at 31. Other examples are Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google. The two of them also took five years to make the leap from seven figures to ten.

With these moneymakers, they saw a potential market for something and pounced on it quickly. If you are studying technology, you could consider which platform will be the next to guarantee success. Cryptocurrency start-ups and virtual reality companies are cropping up everywhere at the moment, trying to take advantage of things that are expected to boom. But what else could come after those? This is what aspiring billionaires need to identify.

Becoming a billionaire may be a target that seems out of reach, but people in history have proved it is possible. Remember that if you’re beginning to feel that studying at university is seemingly pointless, it could end up leading to unimaginable wealth one day in the future. What more motivation could you need to knuckle down and get studying? Take a leaf out of Branson’s book today.

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