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Burnout in College: 7 Signs You’re in Trouble

College is hard and burnout is real. If these symptoms sound familiar, you might need to change something up.

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College is hard and burnout is real. If these symptoms sound familiar, you might need to change something up.

College students have demanding, busy schedules and experience constant stress. They often feel overwhelmed with the amount of coursework they have to complete and meet tough deadlines.

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What if you work hard and do not get the results you want? You may feel exhausted, frustrated and depressed. All this can lead to burnout. It is caused by constant stress and results in emotional exhaustion and physical depletion.

In this article, we will examine some early warning signs of college burnout.

1. Loss of Motivation

It is a common sign of burnout for many students. In a burnout state, you don’t want to excel in studies and struggle to find a motivation to complete your tasks.

You may do it because of fear to miss your deadlines, to fail or to disappoint your parents. But you don’t want to take any extra tasks.

2. Cognitive Difficulties

Stress has a negative effect on your brain functions. It has a bad impact on your memory, emotional control, decision-making and focus.

You may find that you can’t concentrate on studying, forget important things, and make silly mistakes. Learning becomes difficult.

3. Continually Lower Grades

Because of loss of motivation and inability to focus on their studies, students may start getting poor grades. The drop in grades can lead to their experiencing a sense of failure and that can worsen their burnout.

4. Health Problems

Very often, students may lose their immunity to disease. Besides, you may have headaches or back pain without any apparent cause. It may lead to obesity or heart disease. You may also get sick very often.

5. Lack of Energy

You may feel tired all the time and wake up in the morning with no energy after a good night’s sleep. You need to drink a lot of caffeine to get you through the day.

6. Complete Boredom

Students who experience a burnout may often feel bored, and nothing interests them. They lose interest even to their favorite hobbies and things that they enjoyed doing before. They are not satisfied with their studies, work, and family relations.

7. Difficulty with Personal Relationships

Even the most sociable people start to avoid the company of their friends to say nothing of large gatherings. Many people are inclined to avoid the company of people they really care about.

Stress may make students lose control of their emotions and they get involved in some silly conflicts. Even being a usually positive person, you may start focusing on the negative sides of situations and get cynical when judging other people.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, it’s very likely that you are a victim of college burnout. In this case, you should contact your doctor for help. But don’t worry too much. You will fight burnout if you start to care of yourself and relax.

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