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From the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972 to the advent of virtual reality games, the infographic lays out the entire 46-year history of the game industry.

Whether you are a new gamer or a veteran, we all have fond memories of gaming — whether it’s an all-nighter with your friends to complete a level or a console that blew you away with its ability to run games of graphical wonder.

It is well known that the life span of the gaming industry has been a long and very impressive one — stretching over eight generations thus far and in the midst of another transition.

The Magnavox Odyssey was the very first home console to enter the market back in 1972 and was originally known as “The Brown Box.” Technology has since advanced, and this can be seen in the latest console release, the Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017, a portable console with clip-in controllers that allow you to play on the go, taking the lead as the most advanced portable gaming system.

With technology having advanced so much, people are playing games of such caliber that they often find themselves on the borderline of realism. Such realistic gameplay doesn’t seem to be stopping there though, with the recent advancements of virtual reality (VR). Companies designing VR games have already begun making their mark on the industry, giving people the opportunity to enter worlds they could have only dreamed of.

An ever-growing esports scene and surge in live-streaming platforms have become a vital part of the gaming industry as well.

With over two billion people now playing games worldwide, competitive gaming has taken off and has even become a full-time career for many. The first competitive-gaming tournament actually took place in 1980, with Atari kick starting competitive gaming with the Space Invaders Championships, which saw 10,000 people participate.

Gaming as a whole has come a long way since its beginning 40+ years ago, so much so that we often forget just how many milestones have been achieved in its time.

To help fans remember, online-gaming retailer Fanatical created the below infographic, which details the history of gaming, pinpointing some of the key points over the years leading up to the modern day.

Grant Hughes, head of marketing at Fanatical, said:

“Video games have a rich history spanning half a century. The infographic is a real hit of nostalgia, looking back over the best of what the industry has created. With the growing emergence of VR, e-sports and streaming services it’s always refreshing to look back at some of the biggest milestones in our industry to remind ourselves, the gaming community, of just how far we’ve come in a relatively short space of time. As gamers in the 21st century, we really are spoilt.”

Take a look at the infographic and see how many games and consoles you remember playing.

A History of Gaming
Provided by Fanatical

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