Who knew @Dictionarycom would be the troll account to follow. (Image via Houston Public Media)
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Who knew @Dictionarycom would be the troll account to follow. (Image via Houston Public Media)

The page approaches hot topics with genius satire.

The @Dictionarycom Twitter account uses its platform to poke fun at other users, provide jokes surrounding current events and occasionally to make fun of prominent people and politicians — the account takes a special interest in subtly mocking President Trump, often correcting his grammar and misuse of words.

With quirky remarks primarily using definitions, its responses to other tweets are both hilarious and informative. If you aren’t following the account yet, listed below is @Dictionarycom’s top 10 recent quips, formulated with a little knowledge of the English language and a lot of shade.


Using the definition of a single word, @Dictionarycom points out the absurdity of Lt. Gov Dan Patrick’s theory behind school shootings.


The time @Dictionarycom nonchalantly reminded everyone that there is no such thing as “clean” coal.


@Dictionarycom schooled comedian Josh Denny after he tried to equate the offensiveness of “straight white male” to the n-word.


@Dictionarycom informs far-right conservative commentator, Dinesh D’Souza, what the word “native” means in response to his flawed interpretation of history.


While conservative pundits claim the new NFL policy is a “win for the president,” they fail to mention that it’s a loss for the liberal tradition that birthed the rights and protections for its citizens; Trump’s unsettling comment prompted @Dictionarycom to step in, emphasizing the ever-important word written in the Declaration of Independence that clearly defined citizens’ rights.


If anyone would be inclined to turn a holiday to honor the memory of servicemen into an opportunity to praise himself, that person is Donald Trump. Thankfully, @Dictionarycom called out the selfishness in his message.


This tweet refers to White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who although he portrays immigrants in a more positive light than President Trump, he has a tendency to make troublesome comments regarding immigration.


Classic Trump, describing a letter before taking so much as a glance at it. In situations like this, @Dictionarycom recommends ESP.


This sassy (but true) news flash comes in the wake of Roseanne’s tweet about former Obama advisor: “Valerie Jarrett Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes = vj.”


Trump gets a personal lesson in the meaning of “ironic.”

There are plenty more hilarious tweets where these came from, and Dictionary.com may even be your new favorite follow. Keep your troll game strong, @Dictionarycom.

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