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‘Zane and Heath Unfiltered’ Is a Wholesome Podcast for Gen Z Listeners

Young people can laugh along and play games with their favorite influencers thanks to this show.
November 28, 2021
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Many podcasts today center around heavy topics, educational conversations or current events that resonate mostly with millennials or boomers. “Smartless” brings on guests who are often famous scientists, politicians or world figures, many of whom spark more intricate conversations. Bailey Sarian’s “Dark History” discusses heavy historical events that are often swept under the rug. “The Joe Rogan Experience” dips into strange waters, and at times, provokes controversy. Podcasts like these form the majority of the popular podcasts on apps like Spotify. But how well do these sorts of podcasts cater toward younger generations, like Generation Z? Maybe “zoomers” are looking for a listen that’s more light-hearted or a show that invites on influencers or other new, young names. “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” is for younger listeners who are searching for a podcast that deals with influencers, TikTok and crazy, silly, but pleasantly entertaining stories that the other podcast giants don’t pay much attention to.

Why “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” Is an Underrated, Wholesome Podcast

As the title suggests, the two main hosts of “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” are none other than Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar. Hijazi and Hussar are long-time best friends who rose to fame in the days of Vine. Since then, they’ve become popular as YouTube stars. Now in their third season of “Zane and Heath Unfiltered,” the iconic duo has made a name for themselves in the realm of podcasting. Their years of friendship, along with the genuine love and banter, is just one of the many reasons why “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” is such a wholesome listen.

Accompanying them are friends and co-hosts Matt King and Mariah Amato. Together, these four form a beautiful group where the conversations and laughs never stop. King is notoriously the brainiac of the group, keeping the others on track and coming up with interesting stories and games for the podcast, while Amato is a warm presence with her quirky puns and inspiring morals. By being completely themselves, everyone fulfills a unique role and keeps the podcast alive with each new episode.

Besides having an amazing crew, “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” also brings on some guests that will especially please Gen Z listeners. For example, some well-known influencers have made appearances, such as Tana Mongeau and Addison Rae. These guests always bring fresh energy and exciting stories to the podcast, and they do it well. Having guests like Mongeau and Rae will certainly please younger listeners, as influencers like these two women tend to be overlooked by other podcasts that cater to older demographics.

With or without exciting guests, each episode of “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” contains gossip, funny stories or crazy current events from the personal lives of Hussar, Hijazi, King, Amato and loved ones within their circle. King is known for going to a ridiculous number of weddings, and every time, he returns with some hilarious, outlandish story to tell on the podcast. Hijazi is known for partying and drinking frequently, and as such has a bountiful number of chaotic tales to share. Between the four of them, this friend group never runs out of intriguing topics to discuss.

Oftentimes, episodes of “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” will be themed in immersive, captivating ways. Season 2, Episode 31 features a fascinating conspiracy theme; in fact, Hussar and Hijazi have run a couple of episodes that focus on unpacking the most outlandish conspiracy theories that exist today. Season 2, Episode 21 is all about the paranormal and supernatural, which many listeners may find fascinating. Essentially, no two episodes will be the same. The “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” team makes sure to keep their content fresh and innovative, ensuring that Gen Z listeners will stay satisfied and engaged.

Another immersive aspect of “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” is the frequent inclusion of games in the podcast; this is something many other podcasts don’t do, which makes it all the more refreshing. King and Amato often come up with creative game ideas that are dialogue and audio-driven so that listeners will feel like they’re playing along too. For example, King and Amato will play audio clips for Hussar and Hijazi and have them guess the person that is speaking in the clip. Other times, King and Amato may do trivia rounds, which is something that is especially fun for listeners, who can guess the answers alongside Hussar and Hijazi.

If Podcasts Aren’t Your Thing, Try the YouTube Version of “Zane and Heath Unfiltered”

If readers find themselves intrigued by the content of “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” but don’t personally like podcasts in general, that’s okay. Thankfully, Hussar, Hijazi and their team record the podcasts as YouTube videos too. So, if you prefer YouTube or watching something on a screen, head over to the “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” channel, where you can enjoy this great content in a format better suited to your taste.

Some episodes may be even more fun to watch via YouTube. The recent Halloween episode is one of these occasions, as Hussar, Hijazi, King and Amato dress up as the “Anchorman” crew on the podcast. Since you obviously can’t enjoy the costumes by just listening to the podcast, this is one episode where watching the YouTube version can maximize enjoyment.

King and Amato also often share images and clips that coincide with current events or stories discussed during the podcast that listeners can’t view. The ability to see these visual references is another reason why some people will prefer the YouTube format. Regardless of personal preferences, the “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” team cares about their fans and creates quality options to fit everyone’s needs. So, if you find yourself searching for a podcast or show that discusses topics and includes guests relevant to Gen Z, try out “Zane and Heath Unfiltered” for a wholesome experience filled with laughs.

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