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LilyPichu Marries Gaming, Art and Music in Her Content

The multitalented streamer and creator appeals to a wide audience with diverse content that ranges from lo-fi tracks to art lessons, all of which influence each other.

LilyPichu, formally Lily Ki, is a content creator and member of the Offline TV group. She’s known for her anime-like voice and silly, spirited personality. Her main YouTube channel, LilyPichu, features Twitch livestream highlights and videos about vlogging, chatting, gaming, drawing, singing and playing instruments.

In the past year, her Twitch and YouTube channels increased in popularity as she played popular games such as Among Us with well-known streamers like Sykkuno and Valkyrae. Despite her preference for strategic video games, she enjoys any game she can play with friends.

The multitalented Korean American streamer leans on her passions to guide her career. Although video gaming is her primary source of content for livestreaming, LilyPichu showcases music, art and voice acting — her dream career — in her channels.

Internet culture — particularly anime and gaming — impacts LilyPichu’s artwork by providing an excellent source for parodies and song covers as well as inspiring the craftsmanship of her many original songs.

Voice Acting

LilyPichu’s main passion is voice acting; on her streams, she does impressions and voiceovers regularly. She receives frequent compliments on her voice and gets compared to anime characters often. Since she speaks both English and Korean, it helps with voice acting opportunities.

LilyPichu’s noteworthy voice acting roles include Muni Ohnaruto in the “D4DJ First Mix” English dub, a zombie judge in “Zo Zo Zombie LilyPichu Becomes the World’s Best Zombie Rock Star,” and narration for the SCP: Secret Laboratory Halloween Special Trailer and Nour: Play with Your Food video games.


LilyPichu is also known for her cute art style. Her love for art has allowed her to create a community of amazing artists that support her. She regularly looks at fan art sent to her, and she has it displayed in her room and around the Offline TV house. She also gives livestreamed art lessons to her fans. For example, she gave tips on drawing her “Zo Zo Zombie” character and allowed fans to submit drawings of it through her community on Reddit.


All of her songs are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, her LilyPichu channel and her dedicated music channel, Comfi Beats. Her music style closely resembles lo-fi music, with hints of other internet-specific genres.

Through streaming popular games, LilyPichu has made lifelong friends like Jacksepticeye, Karl Jacobs and Corpse Husband. Fans of CORPSE and LilyPichu have made mashups of their popular hits, such as “CORPSE’S Agoraphobic & LilyPichu’s Dreamy Night.” As a result of the overwhelming support she has received from her gaming friends, her music has reached a wider audience.

In recent years, Twitch has had a problem with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), “a set of US laws that allows [creators] to create and share content on digital service providers like Twitch.” Since Twitch complies with the act, copyright holders often say a streamer has used their content without permission, even if they didn’t, which causes Twitch to remove the streamer’s content. Afterward, the streamer faces additional consequences, including Twitch strikes or even bans, for repeatedly infringing on others’ copyrights.

LilyPichu has made it clear that other content creators can stream her songs as long as they properly credit her. Although the DMCA laws protect her music, she has chosen not to pursue a strike against anyone that uses it. As a result, many friends regularly listen to her music while streaming, and their outpouring of love and support has motivated LilyPichu to continue creating music.

One of LilyPichu’s most viewed videos is her parody song of “Yamete Yaruyo Utaite Nanka”/“I’ll Quit Singing,” titled “I’ll Quit LoL.” The cheeky song references her frustration with playing the popular video game League of Legends by herself. Another popular song she wrote is “Stronger Than You,” an Undertale parody of a same-named song, featuring Rachquit. These songs are two examples of LilyPichu’s video game-inspired songs.

LilyPichu had always wanted to start a channel dedicated to her music, so she made Comfi Beats and the piece “comfy vibes” to get things started. The song holds a special place in her heart because it was the first piece she uploaded to her Comfi Beats channel. During a livestream, she mentioned that Studio Ghibli anime films influenced her artistic and musical techniques for the song as well.

Her other notable songs include “if there was a zombie apocalypse i’d let my dog eat me” and “dreamy night.” These songs exemplify how LilyPichu’s music style has grown over the years. As mentioned in her stream, severe depression and a desire for a hand to reach out inspired the creation of “dreamy night.” The song was also an alternative version of her teaser song “dreamy nightmares,” which she wrote and illustrated alone.

LilyPichu outdid herself with the vocals and art in the “if there was a zombie apocalypse i’d let my dog eat me” music video, which she completed in less than two weeks with the help of other artists and vocalists. The song’s musical elements include skeletal sounds, a music box, a celeste and a triangle. LilyPichu’s producer also incorporated other creepy musical effects from Sub Urban’s song “Cradles” (popularly used on TikTok) into her song.

There are other songs in which she rarely sings, instead concentrating on her musical or artistic abilities. For example, “sunshine & butterflies” focuses on musical techniques, making it aesthetic. In the song, the fuzzy ambiance and vocals sound “like [they were] recorded onto a broken answering machine.” The background distortion of noises and soft beats are even soothing enough to put anyone to sleep.

LilyPichu didn’t illustrate the animation for the song, but she chose a fan’s illustration of bees buzzing around her and Michael Reeves, her boyfriend. The animation is a reference to the game Minecraft — the couple had a funny in-game interaction when Reeves told a pair of bees to “stop pollinating my girlfriend” and later killed them.

LilyPichu also wanted to write a song she could listen to while playing Minecraft. After being inspired by the game’s soundtrack, “unknown waters” was born. She does an incredible job at emulating the emotions that other Minecraft songs bring. It delivers a certain sense of nostalgia mixed with sweet happiness that calms players and lets them lose themselves in the game. She even designed the song’s artwork to match the scenery found in Minecraft in her own style.

As a YouTuber, streamer, artist, voice actor and musician, LilyPichu has managed to do it all. She takes inspiration from her other passions and interests to make aesthetic music.

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