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Top 8 Best Melee Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Ranged weapons are good, but if you really want to slay your enemies, you’re going to need to get up close and personal.
April 11, 2021
4 mins read

Minecraft Dungeons, for those who don’t know, is a dungeon crawler video game made by the developers of Minecraft. Just like any dungeon crawler, Minecraft Dungeons focuses on loot. You need to get better items and weapons than the other players to survive through the intense combat; if you haven’t played it already, get a cheap Minecraft Dungeon key or buy an already owned Minecraft account to get started.

As you start your journey in the world of Minecraft Dungeons, you get a combo of a melee and a ranged weapon that you can use in fights against monsters and other players. Now there are a ton of amazing weapons at your disposal as you make progress through the world, which will definitely up your game; having a good ranged weapon is surely going to be an advantage but a melee weapon is a must!

So, this short guide will take a look at the top eight most useful and powerful melee weapons that you can use in Minecraft Dungeons.

8. Diamond Sword

Now, if you have ever played Minecraft, you’d know just how important the diamond swords are. They actually make you look like a true and skilled adventurer who knows how to fight. Diamond Swords are pretty unique and they deal a big amount of damage to the enemy — just the perfect melee weapon for sword lovers.

7. Fangs of Frost

Agility plays a very important role in any combat situation, but what if you could take it away from your enemies? Well, with Fangs of Frost, you can slow down your enemies while causing a great deal of damage. A perfect weapon to survive in this cold world.

6. Diamond Pickaxe

Pickaxe and Minecraft go a long, long way back. But that doesn’t make Pickaxe the weapon of choice in combat. Still, if you manage to get your hands on the Diamond version, it will help you get those extra emeralds that you can use to shop.

5. Whispering Spear

Melee weapons are known to be used when the enemies are up-close but what if you could use a weapon that also damages your enemy from a distance? That’d be awesome right? With Whispering Spear, you can damage your enemies before they can reach you, which totally gives you a great advantage over others.

4. Hammer of Gravity

Ever wanted to become Thor of the Minecraft Dungeon? Well, Hammer of Gravity is a rare melee weapon that not only causes a great deal of damage to your enemies, it uses the power to control gravity to reel them in, which sure gives you a massive advantage over your rivals.

3. Heartstealer

Heartstealer is one of the most powerful melee weapons that you can have in Minecraft Dungeons. It deals a massive amount of damage to enemies and also leeches health from the mob.

2. Cursed Axe 

Cursed Axe, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful and intense melee weapons. It is extremely unique and when used in a large mob, it causes explosive damage, especially the spin attack.

1. Eternal Knife

The Eternal Knife is extremely unique and just like the basic soul knives, Eternal Knife lets you gather souls (+2) while also boosting the amount of damage dealt to the enemies. If you are the one for soul collecting, this melee weapon is a must for you.

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