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‘The Adventure Challenge’ Is the Perfect Book Series for Making Memories

As you look for safe ways to spend time with your household or pod, this set of books may be just what you are looking for.

After a year full of fear, anxiety and isolation, the release of a COVID-19 vaccine brings hope for a better 2021. Though everyone will find their own way to cultivate their self-interests and passions, one option may be “The Adventure Challenge,” which can bring elements of both excitement and appreciation to those looking to live life on the edge.

After such a difficult year, the idea of adventure can feel a bit distant and confusing. It is still important for people to stay distanced and masked, watch out for symptoms and get tested as needed. While following public health guidelines is still necessary, however, “The Adventure Challenge” shows us that memories can be shared and appreciated with friends and family even in these unprecedented times.

What is the Adventure Challenge?

“The Adventure Challenge” is a book series with four different sets of adventures, and the possibilities are endless. Within each book, tasks aren’t revealed until participants scratch off the clues that will detail what is to be done. With context clues, a key guide and a camera for the road of fun ahead, the “Adventure Challenge” books, regardless of the title, prove to be good fun for everyone involved.

How Does the Adventure Challenge Work?

Using the activity book lends itself to the thrill of spontaneous behavior. Participants will quickly realize that they cannot read or pick and choose which activities to do because they are all hidden until you scratch the adventure off. Each adventure will give you specific clues about what it entails, but one can never be too sure until they take the leap of faith and pick one among friends. However, the “Adventure Challenge” guide makes one rule explicitly clear. Once you scratch it, you must do it, and if it’s out of your price range, modify it, run with it, and most importantly, document it.

“The Adventure Challenge” isn’t only a set of fun ideas for a troupe of goofy friends or couples looking for something to do. The books themselves double as a scrapbook. By doing the specific challenges, participants have the golden opportunity to capture lasting memories, write about them, and then capture them with a photo that can later be placed in the book. With the fun and excitement doubling as a memory-making experience, those who get creative and allow themselves to hone their sense of adventure among friends are bound to deepen the bonds with those they choose to bring along for the ride.

What Exactly Are Some Of These Challenges?

Each challenge is a surprise until you commit to it, but you can get an idea of which one you’re about to embark on with the key guide. This can help determine whether an activity will be outside, inside, free to do, require a baby sister (for those of you with kids), or require a trip to the store. But some of the challenges are built on the idea of a safe, secluded experience for you and your friends. The idea is to bring people together and create a lasting memory for all parties involved.

One of the adventures, “A Shot in the Dark,” involves a car ride to a secluded place. Once you’re alone with your partner, crank the radio up and dance with them in the light streaming from the headlights of the car. Pick your favorite slow song and let the music move you, but most importantly, don’t be afraid to show off your best moves. It’s these secluded and quiet moments that can encourage intimacy between couples.

If you are looking to stay home due to the pandemic, couples can also indulge in “Ask Your Parents.” Though romantic relationships and traversing the distance between two people can be rather awkward, the idea of learning and understanding can be filtered through this adventure. Here, participants ask their parents about three things they’ve learned through their own relationships and recreate their parents’ first date. Asking and playing an active role within a relationship (even if it’s just a date idea) bridges and nurtures understanding and kinship between the two generations.

Another adventure in the Friends Edition, an adventure titled “Blinded by the Heights,” is a two-on-two Jenga battle where one member from both teams will assemble Jenga and play with one team member blindfolded. This builds a level of trust and laughs between each team, and in true Jenga fashion, switching partners and blindfolded positions in the name of laughs is all fun. All activities are captured and placed within their respective book, doubling as a scrapbook to mark the memories captured through time well spent.

How Are These Challenges Making Life Better?

“The Adventure Challenge” brings light and fun into the world, encouraging companionship. People who have grown tired and frustrated with their friends and housemates from being cooped up together for a long time may benefit from “The Adventure Challenge.” Having a book to propel and guide people to safely have fun, memorable experiences together with those in their household or pod is something many need, as we all hope for the possibility of adventures in a safer, vaccinated world someday soon.

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