'Discipline: The Glad Surrender' uses personal anecdotes and biblical stories to demonstrate the effects of self-discipline (Image via Kindred Grace)
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'Discipline: The Glad Surrender' uses personal anecdotes and biblical stories to demonstrate the effects of self-discipline (Image via Kindred Grace)

Learning to become a leader is an achievable task for anyone, and these five books provide valuable lessons to get you there.

Despite what position you are currently in, and despite how influential you think you are or aren’t, anyone is capable of being developed into a leader. A leader, as described by John C. Maxwell, is a person, “who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

They are uniquely developed and are continuously refined through correction, celebration and learning from those around them.

Wanting to be a leader is an honorable ambition and can be easily developed into any character or personality in whatever environment they may be in. Leaders are those willing to lead and take responsibility not just for themselves, but for those around them.

Aspiring leaders should note that leaders never stop developing and are always seeking to better shape their characters and to better shape the characters of those around them.

Taking on a leadership position is an influential platform for many individuals and can be a source of advancement for your current position now, whether wanting to gain insight on how to become a leader or refine yourself into a better one, there are practical steps and resources you can take that will help you become a leader anyone would be worthy to follow.

Below is a list of five resourceful books that will shape and influence anyone wanting to climb up the social, political and personal ladder and are designed to self-edify a person into a leader capable of leading themselves and others.

1. “Discipline: The Glad Surrender” by Elisabeth Elliot

If you are a person who loves to learn things in practical ways and apply them to your life, then this is the book for you. Elisabeth is an amazing author and speaker whose practical advice is straight to the point, easy to understand and even better to implement into your day-to-day life.

Elisabeth goes into depth on the importance of discipline in a person’s life and how that can potentially lead to commitment and obedience. She describes the discipline of the body, mind, time, possessions, work and feelings for those who are aspiring to be better leaders not just in the work environment, but more importantly, in the personal life of the reader.

This is a practical read that highlights the thought of how discipline leads to desire, which then leads to delight and then becomes a characteristic trait in the individual practicing it.

2. “Humility” by Andrew Murray

“Humility” by Andrew Murray is a great read that will help any leader currently trying to discipline themselves into a better individual and gives inspiring advice on how having the trait of humility is a healthy way for any person to receive correction and criticism well.

Aspiring leaders should be aware that taking on a leadership role involves the daily task of recognizing selfishness in their own personal endeavors. Leadership involves taking responsibility for others and helping those underneath them to be developed into better individuals. Andrew Murray’s Humility is a sober reminder of that liability.

3. “Vanya: A True Story” by Myrna Grant

If you love biographies and heartfelt stories of individuals who have persevered in their platforms of leadership, then this story is definitely for you. This book tells the true story of Ivan Moiseyev, who as a soldier in the Soviet Red Army, was heavily persecuted for his beliefs and faith.

His fearlessness and boldness to stand up to those in opposition to him have encouraged many readers and leaders all over the world.

This book is full of real-life hardships that are eye-opening and riveting yet encouraging to those who are facing opposition in their current roles or those hoping to overcome the negativity that tries to prevent them from exceeding to the next level of their current position.

4. “The Masterplan of Evangelism” by Robert E. Coleman

Don’t let the title of this book turn you away just yet. What better way to learn about leadership than to observe and analyze the methods in which one of the greatest historical figures of our time, Jesus Christ, ran his ministry?

Jesus Christ is not only considered a great teacher, but he is recognized as one of the most influential men that has ever lived. This book takes you step-by-step on the techniques and practices that Jesus implemented into the lives of his disciples that sky-rocketed Christianity to be the leading religion worldwide.

Your position, character and way of interacting with those around you can be sharpened to the very likeness of Jesus himself as you observe the structure and disciplined method of a man who is loved and followed by millions all over the world.

5. “Developing the Leader Within You” by John C. Maxwell

Out of the entire list of books you could be reading, this one should definitely be your top pick. John C. Maxwell goes into detail on the multiple types of leaders and encourages those who are not born with leadership-type characteristics to understand that leadership is a trait that can be learned and molded into any individual over time.

He describes four categories of leaders that range from those in leadership positions that are described as leading, learned, latent and limited. These four categories help those understand what current position they are in and what can be done to help them flourish within these categories.

If there’s one takeaway that John C. Maxwell wants you to grasp and implement into your life it’s that: there’s a leader within you, and leadership can be learned.

In conclusion, leadership roles are important in the overall personal growth of any person wishing to become the best person they can be. It is important that at least once in an individual’s lifetime that they are taught to lead others well into places or positions that are bigger and better than the ones started in.

Aspiring leaders should take these books, dive into the rich information offered by each author, apply it to their lives and continuously refine themselves into the best front-runner that they can be.

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