credit card being used in article about themes
Get customers and keep them. (Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash)

How Themes Attract Consumers

With competition at an all-time high, you need to work every advantage.

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credit card being used in article about themes
Get customers and keep them. (Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash)

With competition at an all-time high, you need to work every advantage.

What is a theme?

A theme is any collective element or idea. When used in the context of retail, some examples may include beachwear, baby clothing, vintage, modern/contemporary, etc. The general idea is to focus your business’s visual product around the theme, creating a uniform appearance in which all of the items flow together cohesively. Choosing a theme, on the other hand, isn’t always easy. You must completely commit to developing the theme; otherwise, it will fall flat and have little to no real value. Consider your target audience and choose a theme that reflects their interests and preferences. When selecting a theme, you have to keep in mind the product or types of products that your company sells.

What industries use themes?

Many industries try to use themes to entice a selected market through their doors. Let’s explore a couple of those industries and how they are using themes to their advantage.

Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is such a competitive and crowded market that betting companies have to continue to come up with new ideas and new ways first to attract new clients and then retain them. They do this through different channels such as promotional offers, advanced gaming experiences and more. One avenue that appears to be growing at a rapid rate is the online slots sector. The number of themes available to players has grown in tandem with the popularity of slot machines. People enjoy their favorite films and television shows in this exciting entertainment format for a variety of reasons, particularly with so many different bonuses and free slots sites to choose from. With so many great online slot games focused on movies and television shows, you’ll have no trouble finding one you like. Of course, with new movies and shows being released every day, there will undoubtedly be plenty more in the future.

The fashion industry is one that benefits greatly from using themes. (Photo by Genaro Servín from Pexels)

Fashion Industry

Colors and styles change all the time, but there are still a few trends or themes that emerge at the end of each year. The fastest-growing trend in fashion in recent years has undeniably been digitization. The digital trend took off with the arrival of the coronavirus. Many consumers feel compelled to use the internet in some way. Many consumers’ only choice for getting new items at home has been online shopping, prompting fashion brands to focus on their digital platforms.

Furthermore, in a time when there was little face-to-face interaction, the need for online representation arose. On social media or in gaming, fashion started to play an increasingly important role. Some companies even used games to promote their new product lines. They partnered with apps to give customers joint ventures because it was the only way to meet a new audience.

How are they adopting these themes?

We know businesses are adopting the usage of themes to drive sales, but how exactly are they doing this? Let’s look at the gambling industry and use that as an example.

Casino poker, video poker, slots, roulette and blackjack are the most common categories of online casino games. These categories alone have allowed online gaming software providers to build thousands of games simply by adding variations. All types, with the exception of slots, had differences implemented by modifying the rules a little. What people see on the screen — the appearance — stays essentially the same. When it comes to online slots, the majority of these casino games are unique, as each slot game has a distinct theme. Have you ever considered that this could be why slots account for more than 75% of all online casino games?

The theme is central, and it extends beyond appearances. Some movie audiences prefer crime movies, others like action or romantic movies. There are those who adore “Game of Thrones” and those who prefer serious nonfiction. Similarly, various online gamblers have different tastes and prefer slots with themes that fit their interests, preferences and temperament. As a result, most online casino gaming companies aim to create niche markets for various slot machines. Maybe this is why slot developers work so hard when it comes to marketing. Classic themes that have been adapted to online slot games are the key driving force behind them.

Most slot games fuel such dreams by using a theme that boasts the lifestyle of the rich. Adventure is another common theme that most players are interested in. Outer space adventures, pirate treasures and Egyptian pyramids are all common themes in online slot games. Several slots in this category feature the riches of ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs, Mayans and Egyptians.

There are several features in online casino slot games that boost the theme’s dynamics but aren’t explicitly used in the slot. The background is one such feature; it is extremely important because it contains the visible sections of the slot game. The context creates a mood that adds to the overall experience. Similarly, the animation is yet another element that adds to the thematic appeal.

As different slot developers create games with the same theme, they use criteria like betting options, payouts and jackpots to appeal to a diverse group of gamblers. It’s important to note that our favorite movies, books and cartoons are an essential part of our lives, and we enjoy having the chance to play slots with those themes.

As you can see, using things like themes can target a new audience who typically might not be interested within that sector. You might not like wearing a roll-neck jumper, for example; however, a roll-neck jumper with your favorite TV character might appeal to you and might make you put your hand in your pocket and make that purchase.

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