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What Your Laptop Stickers Reveal About the Type of Person You Are

Laptop stickers can reveal personality traits and interests that may spark a bond between any college student who takes notice.  
February 22, 2018
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After coming to college as a freshman, I quickly realized there were quite a few trends I was unaware of. I realized by being privy to these unspoken social dictates, I could more smoothly blend into the crowd and seem less like a fish out of water.

One of the trends was the well-renowned oversized T-shirt. It’s a college look that you must embrace with full force.

The second is the North Face backpack. I’m not really sure what it is about these things, but it is something that everyone has.

I suppose their old high-school JanSport backpack just doesn’t make the cut and they step up their backpack game and invest in a North Face. The biggest trend I noticed, however, was laptop stickers — including personalized laptop stickers.

I quickly went on Redbubble and searched tirelessly for stickers that perfectly captured my personality. The endless number of stickers this website offers makes it almost impossible to choose the perfect amount to cover the surface of your laptop.

The stickers ultimately make a statement about what your personality is like, the interests you have or what your favorite Netflix show may be. Your laptop stickers showcase your identity and speak loudly about what type of person you are or want people to think you are.

They may even allow you to realize you have something in common with the girl two rows down in your political science class. Even better, they may spark a love interest with the very attractive guy in the library because you both have matching Dunder Mifflin Inc. stickers.

Here are the six most common stickers I see that speak wonders about the person who is rocking them.

1. Greek Letters

If you see someone sporting Greek letters on the back of their laptop, you instantly know a lot about their college life. They may play an intramural, and you know that on Monday nights their schedule is booked because they have chapter meetings.

If you want to make a conversation with them, just ask about their perfect little. Most sorority girls have their Greek letters plastered on the back of their laptops and cars along with many other stickers that convey their personality.

I, too, am guilty of this. If their oversized T-shirt doesn’t reveal what sorority they’re in, the laptop stickers are guaranteed to.

2. Camp Counselor

Another sticker that is frequently seen is the camp counselor sticker. These people love showing off the camp they worked at over the summer once back at their college campus. You are guaranteed to see stickers ranging from Pine Cove, Sky Ranch and Young Life camps.

They probably have a Birkenstock or a Chaco to show off their outdoors and adventurous side. They typically like nature trails, sunsets and hiking. When you find out someone’s a camp counselor, you know their entire summer is booked and they more than likely have some wicked tan lines.

3. Netflix Show

Almost everyone who has a collage of stickers on their laptop displays their favorite show to binge-watch on Netflix. The “Xoxo Gossip Girl” sticker portrays someone who desires to spend their life on the Upper East Side. These types of people dream of spending their Friday mornings sitting on the steps of the Met in New York City as if they were Blair or Serena.

Another prominent sticker is the “Grey’s Anatomy” “It’s a beautiful day to save lives” sticker. This sticker proves that its owner probably already has a Pinterest board for their wedding with either McDreamy or McSteamy.

They can pass Anatomy with an A and tell you everything you need to know about medical protocol. The Netflix sticker lets you know what this person does 95 percent of the time when they are supposed to be studying.

4. Texas

If the Whataburger sticker doesn’t give it away, just look for a Gig Em’ or Hook Em’ Horns sign and you’ll know they are from The Lone Star State. Texas stickers dominate on the Texas A&M University campus. Those that have them more than likely love sweet tea, bluebell and cowboy boots.

There is nothing they love more than their state, and their laptop sticker conveys this idea. People typically burst with pride and have a soft spot for the place they came from. They love to show off the place that carved and shaped them into the person they are today, and this is especially true for Texans.

5. Jeep

The Jeep is another sticker that is commonly flaunted on campus. Jeep owners seem to have a special bond with one another. Chances are they participate in the Jeep wave, an act in which you pass a Jeep and both drivers exchange in a wave.

They love to blast country music, cruise with the top off and go off-roading during the summertime. The Jeep seems to be the ultimate vehicle to own as a college student, and these owners love to show it off on a laptop sticker.

6. Sports

Many laptops are covered with some sports paraphernalia I can’t even begin to pretend like I understand. These sports aficionados want you to know that during their free time they live a life full of gains.

They rock the newest Adidas gear and protein powder is an essential element in their diet. They will tell you everything you need to know about their fantasy football team and will fill you in on all of the latest sports news.

Whether you’re just trying to make a new friend or if you are seeking a significant other, it’s all about your laptop swag. There are so many benefits to these stickers.

These cheap pieces of sticky plastic seem to give college students around the nation a sense of interconnectedness. If your laptop is bare naked, consider decking it out with some laptop stickers to show off your charisma, make a new gal pal or potentially step up your pull game.

Sarah Hoenig, Texas A&M University

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