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What Does Your Super Smash Bros. Character Say About You?

Whether you choose Kirby, Peach, Bayonetta or Dark Samus, who you select as your fighter speaks to your personality.
July 15, 2020
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Nintendo fans across the globe have played the company’s beloved fighting game Super Smash Bros. since 1999. Players often select one or two specific characters to battle against others. As quarantine has caused people to lean heavily into video games for entertainment, Super Smash Bros. is more popular than ever. Many people have recently spent hours playing the game and cultivating their favorite characters’ skills. But your Super Smash Bros. fighter-of-choice is more than just a strategic decision; it may even be representative of who you are. So this begs the question: which Super Smash Bros. character do you prefer to play as, and what does that say about you?

1. Kirby

If you choose Kirby, you are likely a beginner and drawn to his sweet, chubby face and bright pinkness. You’re probably a bit cautious, but definitely playful.

Kirby is easy to learn, fun to play and customizable with many bright colors, perfect for your bubbly personality. He also spends a lot of time in the air, so anyone who chooses him prefers to stay out of the action until the perfect moment, which translates to avoiding confrontation in real life.

Kirby is one of the most adored characters in the game, so you probably also like being the center of attention and enjoy praise from others.

2. Ness

Those who play as Ness must be decently skilled players because his signature move requires precision and control. If you pick Ness, you might be a bit of a control freak and like to have a birds-eye-view of the action. Ness is also an adorable character, so youre probably a kid at heart.

3. Hero

Hero is a difficult character to master because he has such a wide repertoire of moves. However, some of his moves are extremely powerful, so if you choose him, you’re probably the type who loves to have the last word.

Hero is also a frustrating character to play against, so it’s safe to say that you’re mischievous and enjoy antagonizing.

4. Peach

As one of the most beloved characters in all of the Nintendo franchises, Peach’s pretty pink dress and flowing blonde tresses are iconic. But don’t let this girly façade convince you that she is a weak character.

Her ability to float through the air combined with her strong aerial moves makes her a femme fatale. She is sweet, elegant and bold, so anyone who picks her either embodies all of these qualities or wishes they did.  

5. Jigglypuff

Not only is he arguably the cutest character of all, but Jigglypuff is also as light as his name suggests. So those who choose him must be OK with being constantly launched through the air.

Even though he appears harmless, Jigglypuff actually has one of the most devastating moves in the game. If you choose Jigglypuff, you may be devious and have a bit of an evil side, but with a soft, sweet exterior.

6. Inkling

Inkling is so annoying that anyone who chooses her must be the clown of the group, or just generally an irritating person. Her signature move is blasting others with orange paint, which while highly effective, is incredibly obnoxious. If you choose Inkling, you’re probably a fast-talking ball of energy who does not tire easily. And chances are that you’re also a tenacious spirit, just like how Inkling seems to be constantly everywhere.

7. King Dedede

Those who pick King Dedede like feeling safe, and are probably not super comfortable with the game overall. He is such a large, unshakeable character, that anyone who chooses him either is a steady person or seeks stability.

He can take enormous hits without flying off the stage, so if you pick him, you’re probably a survivor too. King Dedede’s best moves can defeat other characters with one single blow, so you’re also a strong person. 

8. Zero Suit Samus

If you pick Zero Suit Samus, you are confident and clever and appreciate strong women. She is an intimidating, effective character, and her long hair and pretty face make her a popular choice for empowered women and girls.

Plus, she’s fast, so whoever chooses her is probably a quick thinker. Her suit is also skintight, indicating that she is proud of her femininity, much like the women and girls who choose her as their character. 

9. Villager

Villager is a highly generic character, but its appeal is that the avatar’s gender and appearance can be customized. Regardless of the presentation, Villager’s empty eyes and unassuming smile can be misleading, as they are quite a formidable opponent.

Those who pick Villager probably like the element of surprise and versatility that the character offers. They are, like the character, probably quiet and sweet on the outside with a strong, fiery soul.

10. Wii Fit Trainer

While Wii Fit Trainer is somewhat of a laughable character because her moves include kicking a soccer ball and jogging awkwardly, she is one of the fastest characters available. Anyone who plays as her will gain medium-level experience because she is somewhat easy to control.

If you pick her, you don’t care much for looks, and you are probably more into defense than offense, which in real life translates to being protective of your peace and happiness. You’re a calm, focused person with a bit of a dorky side, because you did pick Wii Fit Trainer after all.

11. Meta Knight

Because of his persistent aerial sword move, Meta Knight is an infuriating opponent. Those who choose him probably take pride in annoying others just a little bit, and are also competitive people.

Meta Knight is not a very aesthetically pleasing character, so if you pick him, you care less for appearances and more for substance. However, you are also a show-off, because Meta Knight’s moves take up a lot of space, and he is often darting from one end of the screen to the other.

While this list does not include all of the characters available in the game, it includes many of the most popular. Super Smash Bros. is a fun game to play, either alone or with friends. It often takes a while for a novice to develop their skills and settle on one character that feels right to them.

There are diverse character options, and each one embodies specific personality traits. So once you have established who your Super Smash Bros. on-screen persona is going to be, it will say plenty about your off-screen self as well.

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