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FleetWit: Finally, a Reason to Hold On to Your Study Notes

Bio 101 is going to finally pay off.
January 4, 2018
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As one semester ends and another begins, you may be tempted to toss out your old notes. Realistically, why would you ever need to remember that Mary Shelley wrote “Frankenstein” in 1818? Maybe if that bit of knowledge could win you a cash prize.

But when, you may ask, would that be a possibility? Two words: Right now. FleetWit is a trivia app and website with a host of trivia categories, challenges and puzzles — oh, and it pays out cash prizes to its winners.

How Do I Win Cash Prizes?

There are a couple of options. Every day at 2:30 p.m. ET, FleetWit hosts free live trivia where the top 100 players win a prize. If you win, you can either cash out or use your winnings to purchase FleetWit credits so that you can play a paid trivia race. (Trivia games are called races — hinting at the fact that players must be speedy and accurate to win.)

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A paid trivia race can cost as little as one credit or as many as 320 credits (one credit equals $0.25). The benefit of paying to play is simple: You get to choose the race category. While free races are a great way to score extra cash, the FleetWit players who win big cater to their strengths by choosing to play trivia in the categories where they’re the most confident. Plus, your odds are better here because paid races are generally one on one, so if you’re well versed in 1990s movies trivia, you’ve got a good shot at walking away as a winner.

It doesn’t matter if your major is biology, film or sports management. All that matters is that you’re the speediest and most accurate one in the one-on-one race — or in the top 100 in a free race.

How Do I Know if the Site Is Right for Me?

If you’re seriously knowledgeable about a certain category — or strangely happen to know a little bit about everything — FleetWit is a fun way to show off your smart skills and win cash prizes.

If your March Madness bracket is always on point (besides those thrilling upsets), you’ll have a blast racing through their sports trivia.

If you shout the correct answers at your TV screen while watching “Jeopardy!,” then you’re a perfect fit. No shouting necessary there, though.

If you’ve bragged about winning a free beer at your local pub trivia, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what your smarts can win you on FleetWit.

If you’re a Hermione-in-training, FleetWit has a Harry Potter race for you. And well-stocked literature, history, geography, and science categories.

How Is This a Thing?

Founded in 2014, FleetWit is a part of a quickly-growing industry called skill gaming. As of now, FleetWit is the only trivia site taking a slice of the skill gaming pie—most others are sites that focus on fantasy sports. Winners are determined using an algorithm that combines speed and accuracy, making FleetWit a game of skill—not chance or luck.

The site was founded in 2014, the brainchild of FleetWit CEO David Metz. Having hosted trivia for years at his local NYC bar, he took his love of pub trivia a step further and founded FleetWit. While originally meant to be a marketing mechanism for larger companies, FleetWit made the pivot into general trivia after their community and, thus, a demand for unbranded trivia began to grow.

Now the site boasts a vast 100,000+ community, including hundreds of ex-”Jeopardy!” contestants (most notably, 74-time champion Ken Jennings) and other trivia-loving celebrities, such as NFL player Richard Sherman and U.K. game show presenter Rachel Riley.

Okay, I Want to Play Now

Take the site for a test spin by playing this free race for new users!

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