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Top 6 Apps To Keep Your Brain Active

The best apps available now to keep your brain sharp while having fun.
June 7, 2021
4 mins read

Most of us are probably guilty of a bit too much screen time and staring at our phones can sometimes leave us feeling a bit fuzzy in the head. If that sounds familiar, then you might want to consider an app that helps to keep you sharp. Spending just a short time each day on one of these brain training apps can counteract social media fatigue and even improve memory and mood. Here is a list of some of the best apps to enhance your cognitive abilities.

1. Peak

This one has been out for a few years now, but it is still one of the best. Peak is a great entry-level app, perfect if you haven’t tried an app like this before. That’s because the big suite of games is so entertaining that you will forget that this app is supposed to be anything but fun. Games enthusiasts can mix it up — a few games on Peak, then click here for new online casinos Canada and try your hand at some slots. The options are so enjoyable that you will barely know the difference. Peak also takes a gentle approach to reminders, so you will not be bombarded with notifications. There is a free version with in-app purchases, plus premium subscription option.

2. CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit is a serious brain training app for people who are serious about brain training. It was developed as a therapeutic tool with input from neuroscientists and is a cut above many of the free apps available. The activities are graded to be suitable for all different age groups, from young children right up to senior citizens. The app claims to work on more than 20 vital cognitive skills, training reasoning, attention and memory. Free trial then monthly subscription plans available.

3. Lumosity

If you like a timed challenge, then Lumosity is the app for you. The games and activities are randomized, keeping users on their toes at all times. As you use the app, the program keeps track of your progress and tailors the games to your needs. Each training session is short and easy to fit into any routine. Free version, or premium monthly or annual subscription available.

4. Eidetic

Anyone who has watched “The Big Bang Theory” will know that quirky supergenius Sheldon Cooper’s memory is not photographic, but eidetic. Technicalities aside, Eidetic is specifically a memory app, designed to help you recall everything from passwords to the names of your colleagues. The concept may be pretty simple — it’s based on repetition — but it is undoubtedly effective. If you struggle to remember everyday details, then Eidetic could definitely help you — for free.

5. Happify

Brain training is not just about cognitive skills, and Happify is here to help you improve your mental well-being. Whether you are feeling stressed, anxious or just a bit down, the activities on this app are designed to give you the tools to cope and thrive. Based on solid psychological interventions like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the techniques employed in this app are effective and evidence-based. Free version, or premium monthly or annual subscription available.

6. Elevate

No list could be complete without Elevate, which has leapfrogged the competition to become arguably the most popular brain trainer on the market. It may be due to elevated marketing (sorry) but regardless, this is definitely a worthwhile tool. The program targets reading, writing, speaking and math as its core abilities, and users of the free version will likely be satisfied with the three daily games available. One of the best aspects of this app is the way it charts progress, encouraging the user to better their previous score and keep improving.

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