Time to forget about your breakup and start focusing on yourself (image via singersroom)
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Time to forget about your breakup and start focusing on yourself (image via singersroom)

Lost your significant other to uncuffing season? Here are five ways to help you move on.

As the air gets colder and leaves fall to the ground, hearts get warmer and couples fall in love. Winter is cuffing season, the time of year when singles crave the company of a partner and long to be “cuffed” to a serious relationship.

This feeling is usually caused by the holidays or by being trapped in the house because it is below freezing outside. After all, the only comfortable activity in the winter is watching Netflix, and we all know that binge-watching “Shameless” all by your lonesome can get old fast.

Of course, if there is a cuffing season, there must be an uncuffing season. Yes, as the air gets warmer and flowers start to bloom, hearts get colder and relationships tend to fall apart. The spring and summer months bring forth the uncuffing season, when the desire to be free overrides the want to commit to another person.

The beginning of uncuffing season is usually ignited by spring break, where most college kids expect to get as drunk as they possibly can and make questionable decisions. Needless to say, spring break really isn’t a great time for quality relationships.

Then comes summer. It’s time for vacations, exploring the world while you’re old enough to experience it, but still young enough to be selfish and carefree. Who has the time to be held down and questioned about every tiny detail about what you do or who you went with?

If you are the one who is wanting to do the uncuffing, this should be a great time for you. Now you can freely sow your wild oats, or whatever people are calling it these days.

However, if you are the one that is being uncuffed, it can be particularly hard to wrap your head around the situation as you start to wonder why your relationship suddenly went south. But first of all: don’t worry. It’s not you — it’s the weather.

According to Information is Beautiful, a study of Facebook statuses shows that the highest number of breakups occur during March. This trend is known as “spring cleaning,” as people not only clean out their houses but their love life as well.

Jacqui Manning, a psychologist who specializes in dating and relationships, said, “As the weather gets warmer people become busier and your partner isn’t so much your focus. Being more social also lessens anxiety and any apprehension someone might have around ending the relationship.”

But fear not; Manning also assures that breakups are easier to get over during this time of year, as you too realize that there is so much more out there for your young self to experience. So, if you got your heart broken this uncuffing season, here are a few tips to help you power through.

Plan a Vacation

The best way to really get your mind off of uncuffing season is to take advantage of it. Your heart might be broken, but the weather is sunny and you don’t have to worry about school.

Go somewhere! Whether it’s your familiar happy place that you’ve been to a million times or a totally foreign land that is full of undiscovered treasures, just go somewhere. There’s no better way to get your mind off someone than getting out of town.

Start a Weekly Friends Night

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Whine and Wine Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, Fun Fridays, Sexy Saturdays or Sunday Funday: Pick one.

Make it a weekly thing with your closest friends. That way, you’ll have something to look forward to every week, and a chance to reconnect with your friends and forget about getting uncuffed.

Get on a Dating App

No, I am definitely not telling you to jump into another relationship. There’s a possibility that you will eventually find your perfect catch on one of those websites, but that’s not the point. Just putting yourself out there on an app like Tinder, Bumble or Score will let you see how many other “fish in the sea” there are.

Even if you don’t find a new significant other or even a hookup, it might help to connect with other singles, instead of wallowing in your own certainty that nobody will ever love you. It’s always interesting meeting new people; doing so after a breakup will keep your mind open to different possibilities throughout your “spring cleaning.”

Pick up a New Hobby

Try anything. Volunteer at your local animal shelter once a week; help yourself heal while helping the animals. Teach yourself an instrument; it might seem daunting, but there are videos all over YouTube.

Start going to some yoga classes; it’ll help you to get fit and ease your mind simultaneously. You could even start gardening if that sounds interesting. After all, it’s springtime! What better hobby to do during this time of year?

There’s also the option of finding all the trails in your city and just hiking them all, one at a time. Being in nature is a great way to clear your mind and help you forget that you were ever cuffed.

Do Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sign up for a free class at your college. You could learn more about cooking, or try a new sport or some other activity that you would normally never do. Not only will you meet new groups of people, you might potentially find yourself a new hobby.

Go to a karaoke or game night at your local bar and join someone’s team. After a couple drinks, there is no doubt that you will have some new friends as you all try to whoop some ass.

If you find yourself to be a victim of uncuffing season, don’t sweat it. Nothing is wrong with you; it’s just that time of year. The best way to overcome it would be to date yourself. Focus on you and take this time to discover who you are.

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