Why You Should Room with Siblings in College
Why You Should Room with Siblings in College

Why You Should Room with Your Siblings in College

Life away from home is easier when you have a big part of home with you.
April 8, 2017
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After growing up in the same household almost all your life with your brothers and sisters, going to college seems like the best escape route to finally find privacy and begin your own life, or not.

I spent some of my college experience attending school with my older sister, and surprisingly enough, she was the best roommate I ever had. I was entering my first semester as a sophomore and moving into my first apartment. Finally, there was no more dorm life and no more campus food. My sister was finishing her final semester working on an internship for graduation, and my dad thought it’d be convenient for us to live together.

Before she moved in, I couldn’t help but imagine how much of a disaster it’d be living with my sister. She got to experience most of college on her own, so why couldn’t I? Of course I love her, but, at the same time, I just needed my space. I was experiencing fun things around campus, while she was busy preparing for the life after college; we were in two completely different phases of our lives.

My relationship with my sister was always great, and of course, we had our usual fights like normal siblings do, but college was a whole different atmosphere that I wanted to explore on my own. I still wanted to partake in the college fun while making unforgettable memories, and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to do that with my sister as a roommate.

But, despite my prejudgments, going to school and living with my sister was a blessing in disguise, and filled with some perks that siblings should consider when going to college together.

1. Study Buddy

Distractions can lead procrastination when it comes to your schoolwork. Living with a sibling, someone who wants the best for you as you do them, will make one another’s lives run smoothly by taking time to study.

You can be accountability partners, ensuring that goals and deadline are met because you know each other and how you were raised.

2. Sharing Is Caring

Siblings are just like roommates, except you can’t get rid of them because, well, you’re siblings. That also means borrowing things from each other.

Now the thought of borrowing and sharing can be annoying at times, but it’s always nice to know that if you need something at the store or need to spice up the wardrobe with a new top, a sibling is right down the hallway.

3. Cooking Is Easier

Another perk of living with your sibling is that you can save money on groceries.

Of course, there are certain items one might not like, but when it comes to cooking meals, but it’s nice to save a few dollars. Also, on days when one person doesn’t feel like cooking, the other can step up and cook for the night.

4. Go Out Together

If you have a close relationship and like to have fun with your sibling, chances are you will have a fun night out together. It’s also cool having your sibling around, because your friends become the other’s friends, and it makes one big happy family.

Having a few drinks with someone you’ve known your whole life can be entertaining, except when embarrassing stories of each other are inevitably told.

5. Someone to Look Out for You

College can throw all types of curve balls at you, making it hard to go through it alone. Having your sibling around can be a comfort in time of need because you’ve known them your whole life.

Siblings can be your biggest cheerleader when you aren’t sure about pursuing something of potential interest, like an organization, presentation or job venture. On bad days, you can always count on family to be honest and comfort you when you need it most, or even when you feel like you can’t talk to your friends about certain things.

There are often times when college students get homesick, but with a busy schedule and a far distance, it’s difficult making time to come home. Having a sibling as a roommate is like having a piece of home that will remind you that everything is going to be okay because you have each other.

Valarie Kiel, Texas State University

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