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The Best Things College Students can Buy From Amazon

Online shopping has changed the school game forever.
February 27, 2023
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As a college student, learning to love and rely on Amazon seems like a rite of passage as you enter the college world. Every university mail-room worker knows that when the gray truck pulls into the parking lot, there’s going to be at least a thousand or more packages to sift through before the students swarm to get them. As a college student who frequents Amazon, here are a few products that have made life easier.

Paperlike Screen Protector:

For devoted iPad users, this screen protector is a game changer. While it retails for a little less than $45, it has proven to be worth every penny. Writing on a glass screen can be a slippery nightmare, but after peeling and sticking this layer to your iPad screen, you’ll feel like you’re writing on a piece of paper. This matte screen protector also slows wear on Apple Pencil tips, which by themselves are already expensive. Any suspension on the wear and tear of the tip is preferred and appreciated in order to help save money. Currently, Paperlike only carries this protector for iPad models, but it intends to expand its products to other tablet models such as Samsung and LG in the future.

Makeup Mirror:

This makeup mirror folds into a flat 2D shape, making its storage more manageable and convenient. Since the desks students receive don’t offer much space to conveniently store items, this mirror provides an easy storage option. This mirror can fit between makeup palettes and other things so as not to take up so much space in drawers or on desktops. It also includes a built-in LED light display that gives you an accurate reflection. This feature is perfect if you want to check if your make-up has been blended properly. With this mirror, you’ll never walk out of the house with unblended makeup ever again.

Foldable Lap Desk:

This is an upgrade of the typical Target or Walmart lap desks that you may have seen around. Instead of resting on your lap, this desk has folding legs that assist it in standing up on its own. It includes a cup holder for a convenient midnight cup of coffee or tea, and a built-in USB hub so your devices can continue to “charge up” while they work. However, in order for the hub itself to work, it must be connected and plugged into a wall outlet.

Phone Holder for Desk:

This phone holder is sure to be a fan-favorite Amazon purchase. This device essentially allows you to prop up your phone without leaning it against something else. Everyone is familiar with the struggle of propping up your phone on a drink only for it to knock the cup over and spill the drink on the floor. Not only does this product solve that very problem, but it also includes an opening in the back to thread through a charging cord. The only disadvantage may be the angle the holder is placed at. If you attempt to take a selfie or use FaceTime, the angle cuts off the bottom half of your face so all anyone can see is your forehead.

Electric Lighter:

Another device sure to please, this electric lighter can be charged via USBC and lasts at least a week on one charge. It can be powered off to avoid wasting its battery, and it features an LED display that indicates how much charge is left. It has a long, flexible neck that can be bent to any angle, which is invaluable when you’re trying to light candles without burning your fingers. Overall, it is a great replacement for the run-of-the-mill 7-Eleven BiC lighter.

Mattress Topper:

You know that gosh-awful mattress that colleges give you to sleep on? The one that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a slab of rock? This mattress topper turns those unbearable, brick-like mattresses into clouds. It’s a thick, fluffy topper that is not bulky and is easily attached to a bed. Best of all, it’s semi-affordable. Most mattress toppers of this caliber may break the bank, but you don’t have to buy the most expensive one out there. In fact, look no further than this one!


Macbook users have long expressed unhappiness about not having standard ports for certain cords and SD cards. Fortunately, they may find the perfect solution with this USBC hub. Unlike most of these adapters, this one plugs right into the double USB-C ports without annoying extra cords and gives users a wide variety of other ports to choose from. These include HDMI, two USB-A ports, a charging port for the Macbook itself, another USBC port, and even slots for SD and microSD cards. The most convenient thing is that you can keep your MacBook charged while still being able to work on projects since neither is interfered with.

As students find innovative things that simplify their common areas or that make their lives easier, hopefully, they can remember this list as an excellent place to start.

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