The Five Essential Things Students Need to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

5 Essentials Students Need To Buy on Amazon Prime Day

Going on their third year, Amazon Prime is hosting a deal day for their users and have great deals for students on a budget.
July 10, 2017
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As most students know, finances are relatively tight during the college years. With full course loads, many students do not have the time to work during the school year, meaning that they have to work hard throughout the year to save the money they make over the summer. Amazon has been an important addition to the lives of many college students due to its low prices and amazing deals. The website is a great place for students to find brand name items at a much more reasonable cost that won’t cause their savings accounts to take a huge hit.

Amazon Prime Day is one of the best days of the year for users who are looking to save on essential items and it is coming up on July 11, 2017. This day of deals is perfect for students who are looking to save a couple of bucks while also making sure that they have everything they need for the summer and for the upcoming school year.

Amazon typically tries to keep most of their deals hidden until the minute Prime Day begins, but they have released a few that students can get excited about. Here of some of the best deals that Amazon has released so far that are perfect for college students:

1. Amazon Music Unlimited

Music is an essential part of every college student’s life. Whether students are working out at the gym, studying in the library or hanging out with friends, they are sure to be jamming to some type of music.

Amazon Prime Day is offering a great deal on their Music Unlimited product. For only $.99, students can gain access to four months of totally unlimited music. The purchase will allow students to listen to endless genres and styles of music whenever and wherever they please. The deal also promises fast connection and ad free streaming.

Considering how much use students could get from this app and how little it costs, this deal is almost too good to be true!

2. Movies and Movie Rentals

Amazon is offering incredible deals for students who are tired of watching movies on Netflix. Students can either purchase movies for $5 or rent movies for $0.99 on Prime Day.

The website has seemingly endless amounts of movies to offer, so students can be sure to find something they will love. They can rent a movie to watch over the summer with their friends, or they can purchase one that they can watching in a few months when they desperately need a study break.

No matter the occasion, Amazon is sure to provide the perfect movie for an even more perfect price. 

3. Kindle Essentials Bundle

The Kindle Essential Bundle is the perfect purchase for book lovers, or students who have to read a lot for their classes. The deal includes a six-inch Kindle E-Reader, a cover and a power adapter. The cases come in four different colors, so students can have the ability to have their own styles and personalities show through their Kindle.

The Amazon Prime Day deal for this item will allow students to save about $45, with the price of the entire bundle being reduced to $84. The Kindle E-Reader can hold thousands of books and is easy to read anywhere and at any time due to the glare reduction screen. Students should take advantage of this deal because it is a perfect purchase for the summer and for the school year. During the relaxing months of summer, students can use their Kindle to catch up on all the books they wanted to read for pleasure during the school year that they never got around to.

On the other hand, students could use this product for more educational purposes by downloading their textbooks and reading assignments. The Kindle will allow them to be more organized during the year by keeping all their readings in one small tablet.

4. Ledmark Printer

Amazon just released this deal being offered on Prime Day, and it is already flying off the shelves! Students know how important it is to have access to a printer during the school year. Even though the world is moving in a digital direction, many professors still expect hard copies of assignments to be handed in on a regular basis.

Paying the prices for school printers be inconvenient and can get expensive. This Amazon Prime Day deal provides students a solution to their printing problems by offering a high quality laser printer for $99.

While the price is still relatively high, especially for a student, the purchase should be seen as a long-term investment. Students will most likely spend more than $99 at their school printers over the course of four years, so this printer could actually be saving them money in the long run.

5. Halo Top Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Amazon Prime Day is tempting their customers with terrific deals of twenty-five percent off all Halo Top Ice Cream flavors.

Halo Top is the perfect brand for students because the ice cream comes in individual cartons that are great for dorm and apartment life. They also only have 240 calories per serving, which makes this deal have not only financial benefits, but health ones as well.

Students work hard all year, so they should take this opportunity to indulge a little and treat themselves to a cheap, healthy and tasty dessert.

Since Amazon Prime Day isn’t until July 11, 2017, it is difficult to know what other deals will be offered that students can take advantage of; however, if they are anything like the deals listed above, students are sure to find something they need that is within their price ranges.

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