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11 Emojis for Every College Student

If you’re in college, there are eleven emojis that are sure to be on your frequently-used list.


If you’re in college, there are eleven emojis that are sure to be on your frequently-used list.

By Katie Sanchez, University of Texas at San Antonio

If you’re a college student, chances are you’re constantly hungry, sleepy and broke.

There’s just not enough time for studying, eating a full meal or having a full night’s rest. However, there is plenty of time to convey your feelings though text messages. All you have to do is tap that little smiling face at the bottom left of your phone’s keyboard to access emojis that will allow you to easily communicate your emotions with different faces, objects and more.

Not only does your recently-used emojis say a lot about who you are and who you talk to, but they also symbolize your college-student life. Below are eleven emojis that scream college student, so if you have a few of these icons in your recently-used page, then you’re doing college right.

11 Emojis for Every College Student
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1. Sleeping Face

Whether you pulled an all-nighter to study or partied too long at the club, the bags under your eyes will let people know you are in dire need of sleep. However, if your friends text you, you may not want to explain all that went down last night with words. Just tap the little sleeping face, and send it to them.

No matter what the reason may be, college students are always tired, so if you don’t have the exhausted emoji, you maybe need to study harder or have more fun (or you could be a rare student who balances everything so you always have enough sleep).

2. Four-Leaf Clover

College students are always in need of luck because of tests, interviews or dates. Chances are that your fellow college friends are going to text you about how nervous they feel about their future endeavors, so you have to send them a four-leaf clover. Having this emoji on the first page of your keyboard shows that you support your friends through the college struggles.

3. Party Popper

After your friends come out victorious with their struggle, you all need to celebrate, even if that celebration means just sending them a party popper. Alternatively, you can also use this emoji to emphasize the fact that you want to party.

Texts like, “Yo, homie. We should go out tonight (party popper)” or “Dude, I aced that test I thought I was gonna fail! (party popper)”are typically what college students will send their friends. So if you don’t have this fun, celebratory emoji easily accessible, you’ll probably want to start using it often so you can quickly turn up the good times.

4. Cup of Coffee

Similar to the sleeping face, the cup of coffee proves that you not only need sleep but also a dose of caffeine. Most college campuses have a Starbucks or a coffee vendor, so the cup of coffee you send to your friends probably means you’re on your away to one of those places. Typically, college students are addicted to coffee, so if this little cup of life has a permanent home in your recently used page, don’t be surprised. You’re just a college student trying to make it until graduation.

11 Emojis for Every College Student
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5. Skull

When coffee can’t save you from falling asleep, what can? Nada. For the days you feel like nothing is possible because of how exhausted and overworked your body feels, you’ll probably send a skull to your closest friends to let them know you’re about to take your final breath.

Usually, the most appropriate times to use the skull are during midterms and finals, but don’t worry if you use it during other times. College kills students, so it’s no surprise if you constantly use the skull emoji to demonstrate how you feel.

6. Annoyed Face

Tired of the fact that your professor won’t post grades? Sick of your classmate who sits next to you in class and won’t shut up during lectures? Upset that your internet went out as you were conducting research for a major project? If you’ve even been in these situations or have felt 100 percent done with something, show the world how irked you are with the annoyed face.

Texts like “These people won’t stop yelling outside of my apartment. I need them to shut up (annoyed face)” or “The line at the food court is way too long,” and “I’m hungry but have class in 10 minutes (annoyed face)” are what you’d typically hear from college students. If you have this annoyed face in frequently used, then you’re probably a student who has put up with various scenarios that have made you lose your patience.

7. Flying Money

There’s almost never a time when you can make it rain as a college student. Once you get paid, your money goes to all of your responsibilities: Rent, electricity, groceries, gas, Netflix and more. There are numerous times when you’ll want to do something, but your bank account begs you not to.

Friends want to go out to have dinner but you don’t have money? You’ll probably text them, “Guys, I’m broke (flying money).” Not having that paper will always be an issue with college students, so sharing your struggle through the flying money emoji with your friends is expected.

8. Bawling Face

Unfortunately, college will make you cry. Whether that’s due to a stressful workload, a break up or because it feels like nothing is going right, you’re going to bawl your eyes out (if you haven’t already).

Good thing you have friends to express your deepest sorrow to, right? If you have the bawling face in your recently used page, you know that college is a difficult battle to fight.

11 Emojis for Every College Student
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9, 10, & 11. Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil

Who knew that monkeys would be your texting best friends? There are various uses for these primates, but the main use for them is to show embarrassment or ignorance. “I forgot that the meeting was today (see no evil)” or “I told my crush that I thought they were cute (speak no evil)” are some messages you’d probably send with the cute monkeys.

College is filled with learning (mostly embarrassing) experiences, but your monkeys will be there to demonstrate that you’re a traditional college student being exposed to different situations. So use the monkeys in your text messages, but don’t go too bananas.

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