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Fun Online Games to Relax with in the Age of Digital Distractions

These games are the perfect way to relax from distractions online.
February 11, 2023
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The digital era is wonderful as it lets you find anything you want in just a few clicks. It modernized the world of work as you can easily work from home nowadays depending on the type of job you have. But you can also fall into the pit of distraction, as many video and social platforms are readily available just around the corner.

Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour watching one clip after the other and you don’t feel relaxed. Luckily there are lots of online gaming platforms that can help you relax. To help you out in that regard, here are some suggestions:

Demo Casino Games

Some people stick to certain kinds of games to stay relaxed. Some of them happen to be casino games. There are plenty of providers that offer a bunch of casino games, and you can play them for free.

You can go straight to a provider’s site or go to a casino site like Casumo online casino to enjoy them. If you’re looking for games that let you apply a strategy, then you can go for the demo versions of table games. Alternatively, if you’re looking for simple casino games, you can go for slots or bingo titles. The best part about demo versions of casino games is that you won’t spend a dime and you’ll get a fun gaming experience.

Fireboy and Watergirl

Platformers are usually 2D games you can find on sites that specialize in these kinds of titles. Chances are you’ll find Fireboy and Watergirl there. This is a puzzle game where you control a boy made of fire and a girl made of water. The objective of this game is to get them both to the right door. They’re on a separate side of each level, so you need to overcome obstacles to get them through the level. The obstacles aren’t that difficult to go over which is what makes this game relaxing.


This is a game that’s a bit on the old side, as it has been around for quite some time. Bejeweled is a simple game where you match precious stones based on their shapes and colors. This simple premise is what makes a game like Bejeweled relaxing. You don’t need to think about it too much, just enjoy the stones, make the right combinations and enjoy the relaxing music in the background.

Little Wheel

Little Wheel is another simple and relaxing game you can try. You’re put in the shoes of a robot with the task of restoring power in the vicinity. It’s a point-and-click game where you decide where the robot goes first to complete the objective. The game comes with interesting visuals and some jazz music in the background, making it a recipe for relaxation.

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