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How To Make the Most of Slingo Demo

Slingo is the perfect blend of bingo and slots, and has had a huge amount of success since it first hit online casinos.
February 13, 2023
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Slingo is the perfect blend of bingo and slots, and has had a huge amount of success since it first hit online casinos. While it is widely popular and has amassed a huge number of players — there are still many people who haven’t played! 

Thankfully you can find an online Slingo demo on Megaways Casino where you can test it out and, like most other people who play — fall in love with it. 

But how can you make the most out of your Slingo demo experience? 

What Is Slingo?

If you have never played Slingo, finding out a bit more about it might just convince you that it is the game for you. 

Slingo combines the most popular aspects of bingo and slots. And while it is a combination of the two, it offers a unique gameplay experience. Slingo offers up a 90-ball bingo-style game on a 5×5 grid. Each space on the grid has a number. Every spin will reveal some numbers; just like in bingo, if you have those numbers on your grid, they will be marked off. To get Slingo (just like shouting bingo), you need to mark off the numbers either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. 

On most screens, you will see the list of prizes somewhere nearby, so you know how many lines will give you each amount of payout. In bingo, you know there are lines, two lines, and house. With Slingo there are more ways to win; you might have up to ten lines and house, and the more lines you get, the bigger the prize. 

With bingo and slots, you can play a wide variety of themes and types, and Slingo is the same in that respect – except because it is a new combination, there are some fresh themes you might not have experienced before. The slots and bingo themes that have become so popular can also be found in Slingo right now. 

How Do You Play Slingo?

The way to shout SLINGO and claim your winnings is by getting lines either vertically, diagonally or horizontally — the more lines you make, the better. But what does play involve? With bingo, your dab, your dabber, but with Slingo, you pull a lever and see what comes up. Slingo is the middleman here! Let’s check it out. 


  • Decide on the level of wager you want to place, and press the spin button.
  • Like in slots, you’ll see the reel spinning, or there will be an indication of it on the screen, and the numbers that appear on the reel will be dabbed off on your Slingo board (exactly like the numbers are called in bingo). 
  • If you make all the numbers off in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, that is Slingo.
  • Each line you get will move you up the prize ladder; the higher you climb, the higher your prize will be. 
  • Just like in slots, there will be Wilds, and they can take up any number on the board — giving you a line where there wasn’t one (keep an eye out for the Super Wilds too).
  • Free spins are also a feature that will help you to mark more numbers off. 
  • The Blocker symbols will cover space on the reel and block symbols from appearing there.
  • Just like bingo, fill all the spaces on the board to get a full house and shout SLINGO. 


Keep in mind that other themed Slingo games will have their own special features, and while the gameplay will remain the same, there could be things like instant cash, jackpots, bonus games, and more. 

How Do You Make the Most of a Slingo Demo?

The point of a demo is to learn how to play the game, but it is also the perfect time to learn to play it well. You can test out some of the following Slingo tips! 

Game Choice

If you play slots or bingo often, you probably have a game that seems to be your lucky theme. With Slingo, some games have a lot of bonus games, and those are the ones you want to try first. The more bonus games and extra features you have, the better — they increase your chances of winning. 

Check out the pay table, extra features and what will trigger them to ensure you can try out all of the games’ features. 

Bonus Game Bonanza 

Slingo games have plenty of bonuses and features; you want to look for a higher number of bonus options. The higher the number of bonuses, the higher your chance of winning.  Bonus games offer extra chances to win by having multipliers, new games and upgraded paylines. Bonus Buy features can help make the most of your wilds and super wilds too. 

Bonus Buy 

Some strategies won’t involve the bonus buy and that is because, for many, it just unbalances the potential winnings. Instead of buying bonuses, stick to the base amount of spins you are given as the game progresses and collect the current winnings once the game progress to that point, or activate the bonus game that you have already unlocked. 

Marker Placement

Perhaps one of the most important strategies in Slingo when you are playing the demo is to figure out the best places to place Wilds and Super Wilds. This means you can mark off any space on the entire board or a matched reel. 

By marking off the best spaces, you will maximize your chances of getting multiple lines. The highly recommended spaces are the corners, the middle square and any square that could be involved in at least 3 lines.

How To Find the Best Slingo Games Using Demos

  • Take your time and look around until you find one that looks like it will be fun.
  • Always read the terms and conditions and the paytable.
  • Look for the RTP percentage.
  • Have a plan for your Wilds and Super Wilds.
  • Keep in mind that you need to keep a balance between your input and output (deposits and winnings).
  • As with all games, set a limit and stick to it.


Game demos can give you a lot of insight into the games you want to play without adding money to your account. But it is always good to practice the gameplay techniques in a demo before you add money to your account. 

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