Ariana’s ‘Sweetener’ Drops Tomorrow, and the Internet Is Ready to Get Cavities

Tomorrow, Grande blesses the world.
August 16, 2018
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“Sweetener” is less than 24 hours away. Ariana Grande’s newest release is about to deliver some much needed pop anthems, closing off these last few fleeting weeks of summer with a bang.

The modern day pop princess has already gifted fans with three singles off the highly anticipated album. “No Tears Left To Cry” solidified its place as the female pop song of the summer, ranking high in the iTunes charts and taking over radio stations.

Then, “The light is coming” showcased yet another team-up between Grande and her frequent collaborator Nicki Minaj. It was followed by “God is a Woman” an upbeat, sultry track that caught mainstream attention due to its music video, full of feminist imagery.

Even though those are the only full songs that have been released, the titles of all the tracks are posted on iTunes, inviting fans to speculate their lyrics and melodies. Nicki Minaj was already a known feature on the album, and iTunes shows two more on the way — Pharrell Williams on “blazed” and Missy Elliot on “borderline.”

The lovingly enthusiastic Grande has even dropped the names of her current favorite tunes on “Sweetener,” which include “r.e.m.,” “borderline,” “pete davidson,” “better off” and “goodnight n go.”

With “Yours Truly,” “My Everything” and “Dangerous Woman” already under her belt, Grande has set herself some high standards for her upcoming album. What are some past successes that “Sweetener” could draw inspiration from to become her best album yet, you ask? Let’s take a look.

1. Honeymoon Avenue

I’m just going to say it — this is hands down one of the best works of art Grande has ever produced. The metaphorical lyrics that express her longing for a relationship to remain in the “honeymoon” period combined with a catchy, bouncy tune make for a perfect song that walks the line between a ballad and bop. I’d love for “Sweetener” to yield a track that manages to hit or surpass this level of musical mastery.

On that note, just a few weeks ago, Grande tweeted “get well soon is the grown up honeymoon ave.” My wish may actually come true.

2. Greedy

The seventh track off of “Dangerous Woman” might be one of the most underrated Ariana Grande songs of all time.

“Greedy” begins with an explosive chord, bursting into a lively, uptempo song about craving the feeling of love. This absolute bop makes the list of my favorite Ariana Grande songs, no contest. Let’s hope its vibe is reincarnated in “Sweetener.”

3. Love Me Harder

This song is a sultry collaboration with artist The Weeknd, found in her second studio album “My Everything.” Her breathy tone on the verses transcends into a strong, sexy belt on the chorus.

Weave in the smooth vocals provided by The Weeknd, and you have a hit that rests on the border between pop and R&B. Maybe one of her new collaborations will be as good as this one.

4. Right There

“Right There” is a song from Grande’s debut album, “Yours Truly.” With rap verses provided by hip-hop artist Big Sean, this song encapsulates more of her R&B side. It could be described as the Ariana Grande version of “Boo’d Up” by Ella Mai.

I have always loved the R&B influence Grande adds into her pop music, and would support her channeling more of it into “Sweetener.” Considering the primary genres of her list of collaborators, it seems likely.

Here’s to “Sweetener” arriving at the top of the charts in the very near future!

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