Nick DiRamio
Nick DiRamio offers insight into films and TV — along with a healthy dose of humor. (Image via Instagram/@nickdiramio)

YouTuber Nick DiRamio Mixes Informative Commentary with Humor

Trying to find critical analysis of popular media can be extremely difficult, given how easy it is to express an opinion to the world. This YouTuber, however, has found his stride and passion for film commentary.

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Nick DiRamio
Nick DiRamio offers insight into films and TV — along with a healthy dose of humor. (Image via Instagram/@nickdiramio)

Trying to find critical analysis of popular media can be extremely difficult, given how easy it is to express an opinion to the world. This YouTuber, however, has found his stride and passion for film commentary.

Nick DiRamio’s videos begin with him briefly introducing the main subject of his commentary to his viewers. In his introduction, he delivers a handful of jokes before beginning the newest installment of a segment called “Clip Breakdown.” Here, DiRamio critically evaluates a movie, television series or music video clip-by-clip while simultaneously entertaining his audience with comedic quips.

DiRamio first joined YouTube around its inception in 2005, but it took him about four years to begin uploading consistently. After taking a few years off, he picked the hobby back up post-graduation in August 2016 and started uploading more frequently. DiRamio’s channel now boasts over 204,000 subscribers and that number continues to grow.

DiRamio is a 30-year-old American YouTuber from Hollywood, California, known for his sarcastic personality, vast knowledge of film and beloved water bottle. As he provides commentary, DiRamio grabs his clear water bottle and takes sips; he even sells a merchandise collection that combines its likeness with his signature.

Media commentary and reaction videos have remained a part of YouTube for some time, but they have experienced a surge in popularity within the past couple of years. In a Q&A, DiRamio discussed his dream job and lifestyle with his viewers. “I love directing, and I love writing for screen — particularly comedy writing is something I’m really passionate about,” says DiRamio. “So, I guess just being able to be a working, creative professional on projects of my choosing — that’s the dream for me.”

He sprinkles in humor while analyzing media, scrutinizing the details of movies like “She’s The Man” or music videos of social media personalities (e.g., Dixie D’Amelio and Bella Poarch). Although the subject matter may seem uninteresting at first, DiRamio adds nuggets of humor and informative critiques throughout. In addition, he presents the movie, music video or TV series in a linear fashion, allowing the viewer to understand the plot and follow along quite easily.

With uploads twice a week that showcase his contagiously silly character and quick wit, audiences can never feel bored. At the beginning of his most popular video, which examines the movie “Not Cool” by YouTuber Shane Dawson, DiRamio briefly yet amusingly describes his distaste for Dawson’s film.

Shane Dawson's "Not Cool" (2014) is Highly Offensive! 😬 Full Movie Commentary

“I do know that this movie weakened my immune system by exposing me to garbage,” says DiRamio. “It’s like, if you sat in a garbage can and just breathed deep every morning, you’re gonna get some microbes on you. This is what happened.”

Not only does DiRamio create commentary videos, but he also occasionally films himself playing various video games. One of his latest videos shows him playing “Pokémon Snap” on his new Nintendo Switch. In December 2020, DiRamio launched a Patreon for his audience; the platform allows him to offer membership benefits to those who want extra content, exclusive deals on merch, one-on-one interactions with DiRamio on Discord and more.

DiRamio sets himself apart from other media commentary channels because his analysis comes from a filmmaker’s perspective; he has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film and television from New York University. DiRamio’s mastery of film comes out in a few of his videos. For example, while investigating the Disney Channel movie “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century,” DiRamio points out the complex camera work involved in the climax scene.

Disney's Low Budget Future Fantasy (Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century)

“Shots like this are expensive because they take so much time to choreograph all of the actors and then choreograph the cameras, lighting it so that you don’t see any visible lights,” explains DiRamio. “Then, you always almost have to re-record all the dialogue because you can hear the director shouting all the directions.”

Furthermore, DiRamio has had extensive experience working as a freelance makeup artist on film sets. In a Q&A live stream, one fan asked DiRamio about the best project he has worked on. He responded that he heavily enjoyed working on a friend’s short film titled “Vampires.”

“I had to do, like, a throat cut where someone was wearing an appliance and I pumped blood through it right as the knife came across, and the blood spurted out,” says DiRamio. “That was really fun! I felt like I was really in my prime then.”

Since having started “Clip Breakdown,” DiRamio has reviewed a wide assortment of movies and television shows, continuously broadening the scope of his content. He has studied comedies, science fiction, dramas and so much more. DiRamio’s commentary videos average around 40 minutes, filled with enlightening examinations related to different films and TV series. Each video begins with a summary of the film or TV series and quickly segues into the main topic of discussion. Throughout the video, he spotlights the production from beginning to end, interspersing critiques and offering potential solutions for improvement.

While dissecting the medium, DiRamio also considers some of the more problematic material involved, not scared to call out any disgusting jokes or controversial plot points. During his viewing of the 2004 American teen comedy “Sleepover,” DiRamio shows a scene in which one of the characters, Todd, breaks up with his younger 14-year-old girlfriend, Staci, because she does not give him consent to have sex with her. Promptly, DiRamio verbalizes his concern.

“I just want to let you know that if you’re having this argument with an eighth-grader, you’ve already lost,” says DiRamio. “Like, why do I have one finger on my iPhone’s emergency button right now? These people are really young to be dealing with these types of subjects.”

Watching DiRamio’s commentary videos serves as excellent entertainment for individuals who want to check out thoughtful yet engaging reviews. Spending some time listening to DiRamio provide a play-by-play of visual media while making hilarious jokes along the way feels less intimidating and more comforting for the audience.

For those interested in movies and TV series mixed in with some laughs, Nick DiRamio’s videos are perfect for winding down from a long day. There is plenty of content on his channel to keep movie fans and videophiles entertained.

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