6 Authors You Need to Be Following on Twitter

Jokes, politics, wisdom and dog pictures await.  
July 20, 2018
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Whether you’re an enthusiastic participant on social media, a regular silent visitor or a sporadic super-stalker who sometimes reads Twitter feeds in place of books, the artful tweets of these six accomplished authors are bound to include something to strike your fancy or fire up your creative juices.

1. Maggie Stiefvater

For fans of her celebrated contributions to young adult (YA) literature following the young American author Maggie Stiefvater on Twitter is an absolute must. For those who have never heard of her, Stiefvater’s Twitter bio reveals everything you need to know. “I write novels. Some are #1 NYT bestsellers,” she writes, “Funny ha ha or funny strange. I like things that go.”

Stiefvater’s tweets are generally about her works in progress, the creative process and cars. Sometimes, she dishes out meaningful and startlingly profound advice regarding writing, living or both; longer threads are apt to involve impromptu narratives derived from commonplace story-lines, for example, an engaging biography of the family of finches living outside her house.


Or even a knock knock joke in which her cat knocks on the door of her house with an impressively large dead rodent for 10 lines.


The YA writer is a paradigm of creativity, and Twitter is just one of her many exhibition spaces. When she describes the many qualities that render the Hefty trash bag her true role model, she not only entertains but also inspires readers to mull over their own quirks and foster their own bizarre ideas regarding maturity and beyond.


2. J.K. Rowling

Beloved author J.K. Rowling produces a contentious literary masterpiece of a Twitter feed that everyone should check out once in your life.

Perhaps most inspiring about Rowling is her apparent courage to speak her mind precisely and her ability to do so with impressive articulacy. As an opinionated commentator on heated political and social issues with a celebrity status, Rowling faces heavy criticism and trolling on social media, but her responses are legendary.

She absolutely destroyed a Twitter troll in response to their comment that Rowling knew nothing about American politics, ought not to express her beliefs regarding said issues and whose books ought to be burned as a result.

Rowling occasionally reveals groundbreaking “Harry Potter” details on Twitter, to mixed responses. Some followers revel in the additional details; others condemn her tweets as shameless efforts at propaganda.

If you fall into the category of an aspiring creator, you’re already following the footsteps of the great Rowling herself. Whether or not you feel she’s bringing ruin upon the legacy of “Harry Potter” with belated disclosures, Rowling’s determined voice is inspiration enough for many to focus on creating their own compositions instead of spending time criticizing someone else’s treatment of the world they brought to life.

3. Nnedi Okorafor

Nnedi Okorafor, is an award-winning Nigerian-American author of fantasy and science fiction, according to her Twitter biography. Wikipedia concurs.

On Twitter, Okorafor sparks interesting discussions and asks thought-provoking questions for writers. She establishes a distinctly personable and approachable online presence, welcoming questions about her works, herself and the world of writing at large. One notable example is when she answered a query for recommended African-American literature from a professor of a World Lit class with a list she generated off the top of her head.

Okorafor is currently writing three issues of Marvel’s “Black Panther” comic series, having picked up where previous author Ta-Nehisi Coates left off. She is also a consultant for an upcoming TV series based off of her novel “Who Fears Death,” which was picked up by HBO under George R.R. Martin as executive producer.

Follow her on Twitter to conveniently stay up-to-date with these exciting projects.

4. John Green

John Green, celebrated YA author and challenger of car races against fellow author Steifvater, is a model Tweeter. He tweets often — but not too often —  with worldly thought, minus the gloominess, and expressive opinions, without causing serious offense.

Green offers helpful wisdom, mild political commentary and (of course) a few promotional links on his main account, but his Twitter attendance doesn’t stop there. On a peculiar sports commentary account, @sportswithjohn, Green works with a more limited selection of material and a lot more cussing, but his tweets still demonstrate his prowess as a writer. His recent world cup live tweets are quite literately engrossing.




Green’s Twitter feeds also provide helpful reminders to check out new episodes of Green’s podcast, “The Anthropocene Reviewed,” a unique show in which Green reviews different facets of a human-centered planet, such as a 17,000-year-old painting and the Taco Bell breakfast menu.

5. Alyssa Wong

Alyssa Wong is a Nebula, World Fantasy and Locus award winning author of speculative fiction.

Wong’s tweets generally constitute discourse of social justice, feminism and politics. Her writing advice is heartfelt, especially because of her devotion to young writers. She frequently encourages them to be proud, to thrive, to learn and to, above all else, give the middle finger to anyone who would shut them down.

Wong’s Twitter constitutes just the right amount of emojis and rambling jokes to brighten any dark mood. Whether she is discussing rivalries in “Pokémon” games or recounting her observations of an antsy businessman talking on the phone and pacing so agitatedly that he accidentally walked into a wall, Wong’s tweets can only be cataloged as on point.

Sometimes, Wong even tweets or retweets internship and job alerts for writing-related majors, which is without doubt the highest form of help that can ever be offered to student writers.

6. Stephen King

Stephen King is an iconic author of best-selling, bloodcurdling novels, so it might come as a surprise that some of his tweets are plain adorable, with his protracted documentation of the lives of his small dogs.

On the other hand, King’s profuse political commentary assumes the form of smart punch-lines, the kind that tend to elicit an “ow” from sympathetic onlookers when shots are fired.

King’s writing wisdom is also plentiful, and he frequently reminds his followers that the pursuit of writing can assume a variety of unglamorous forms. His advice may not be revolutionary, but nevertheless serves as a comforting reminder to all the young writers toiling away without the benefits of glamour.

Although King’s political views are highly controversial, he often offers surprisingly elevated wisdom. On July 4, King instructed Progressives to go find a Trump supporting friend, one they probably haven’t spoken to since the presidential election, and give him or her a hug, and for Trump supporters to find their liberal-snowflake ex-friends and do the same.

And, of course, there’s more photos of cute dogs.

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