Alex Jones-Second Civil War 2
Alex Jones' latest conspiracy theory, that a Second Civil War was imminent, caused mayhem on Twitter. (Image via The Hollywood Reporter).
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Alex Jones-Second Civil War 2

The battle was really just a war of wits, and the liberals definitely won.

I hear drums on the horizon. Supplies are being rationed. Brothers turning against brothers, sisters against sisters. No one is safe. The Second Civil War is upon us.

That is, according to Alex Jones and only Alex Jones. On July 1, Jones tweeted that the Fourth of July would bring destruction like no one has ever seen before… because “Democrats Plan to Launch Civil War On July 4th.” Of course.

Jones, a radio host and the creator of, is known for his conspiracy theories. His outlandish propositions run the gamut from claiming 9/11 was an inside job to launching the pizzagate scandal.

His theories, such as pizzagate, sometimes culminate in terrible real-world consequences; the Second Civil War, however, had no such dire effect.

Instead, Twitter liberals jumped on the theory, co-opted the hashtags #SecondCivilWar and #SecondCivilWarLetters and ran with it until the smoke cleared, and the flag was still there.

Second Civil War is now a meme worth fighting a war for, and I have the tweets to prove it.

The first shot was fired by @amandablount2, who penned quite a moving note to her sweetheart:

And with that opening battle cry, The Second Civil war, a war which has never been seen before (and shall likely never be seen again), commenced.

@CIAspygirl was wounded on the front lines but lived to tell the tale:

@Tschudi_Davai unleashed holy hell on the MAGA enemies:

Once @maybeprobablyme arrived at the front lines, they realized war is nothing like how it looks in the video games:

Even Colonel Morris Davis, the former chief of Guantanamo prison, resumed his military position:

Both sides held their own, and I’m happy to report that the Second Civil War had only one casualty: Alex Jones’ pride.

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