Baby Trump is an empowering accomplishment of political satire for some, but raises concerns about political pettiness for others. (Image via Liberal Mountain).

Londoners’ Baby Trump Blimp Is Petty in All the Right Ways

The president has, on an unrelated note, decided to largely avoid London during his UK trip.

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The president has, on an unrelated note, decided to largely avoid London during his UK trip.

President Trump has planned a visit to the United Kingdom on July 13, and UK citizens are fully taking the opportunity to express their true feelings about the United States president. On Friday, even the mayor of London joined the fun and gave plans to fly a giant blimp showing President Trump as a diapered baby the go-ahead.

The blimp will fly over the British capital for two hours next Friday morning, during Trump’s visit with Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May. Coincidentally, Trump has decided to stay in London for only one night over his four-day visit, primarily avoiding the vibrant city.

The blimp was created when British environmentalist Leo Murray raised over $23,000 to build the taunting zeppelin. Murray says that the city “rediscovered its sense of humor” in granting permission to “Trump baby.” Over 10,000 citizens signed the petition to let it fly, which the mayor finally agreed to, seeing it as a “peaceful protest.”

According to Murray, the 20-foot-high image of diapered Trump clutching a phone in his tiny hands is supposed to be seen as, “Not a protest against America or Americans. This is a protest against what Donald Trump is turning America into.”

This peaceful protest has just added fuel to the fire of Trump jokes, as people from all over the world took to Twitter to add their opinion to this slightly ridiculous controversy. The top tweets include jokes such as:

Well, even if world politics has stooped to an all-time low for overall pettiness, at least some really great Twitter content is coming out of this joke.

Jokes aside, the fact that the mayor of a powerful city has decided to protest the President of the United States by flying a six-meter-long blimp of him dressed in a diaper over one of the major world cities is, while hilarious, terrifying. To live in a world where politicians, and citizens, have all gone back to a seventh-grade level of humor and triviality is slightly disturbing.

In 2016, Trump campaigned for getting the world to respect America again. Now it’s 2018 and he’s had to change his official government plans because of facing the mockery that he has done anything but. Unfortunately, is anyone even surprised?

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